What on earth?

I received quite a few forwards and text messages on this earth hour. I do not understand one thing. It makes sense to switch off the electrical equipments if you get uninterrupted power supply for the entire 365 days. When that is not the case, and when BESCOM(Replace with your local electricity board) plugs out 1 hour on an average every day why on earth should I switch off?

Earth day concept in India is Rejetted!

Villu – Review

Naidu Hall Salesman
You are spoilt, if you watch or intend to watch this movie. So please do not mind the spoilers that are there in this review. It does not make any difference if you know or do not know the plot.

Seldom does one get to know what a movie has in store, just by looking at the title card. In Villu, director P.Deva tries to warn the audience by going in for the song ‘Achcham enbadhu madamayada, anjamai dravidar udaimaiyada’. I think he wanted to actually say ‘Indha padam paaka vandhu irukkiye. Nee oru madayan da’.
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Heartfelt condolences…

1. The family who lost their kin in the attack on Dinakaran.
2. Raj TV.
3. Spectrum Raja.

Meanwhile P Chidambaram has successfully accomplished something immediately after taking over as Home Minister. He resolved the differences in MK’s home. Which home next? Ambani?

Mumbai Attacks

Shivraj Patil has resigned.

Patil told the meeting that as the Home minister he “takes the responsibility and whatever the CWC decides, I am ready
to do,” they said.

Idhellam oru government. Indha aalu ellam home minister! And indha government support panradhukkunu irukka pseudo secular naainga! Kashtam!

Ada raama!

Looks like the government is trying everything possible to convince the supreme court. Now it says, Sethu Samudram is not part of Hinduism(?). Lets assume Supreme court rejects this appeal also. Now what will the central government do? Machi TV has some suggestions.

1. Father of Ramar pillai(Petrol fame) is Lord Ram. Make Ramar Pillai give a written statement that his father was always for the sethusamudram project and there is absolutely no problem to go ahead with sethusamudram project.

2. Bring some scientist and say originally india and srilanka were separated at a place, which is called as guindy now. And due to some earth quake, the upper portion of sri lanka got joined with Guindy, and the middle part of srilanka remained there. So the original bridge is the bridge that T R Baalu is constructing (partly operational) in Guindy. And also give live examples that the bridge has been wonderfully designed to send lots of people directly to heaven. What other proof does one need?

3. Since Lord Venkateswara opened a new bank account, and forgot to make changes in the ECS instructions the cheque presented by Kuberan bounced. So he got angry, confiscated the bridge and has taken it along with him to Heaven and it is kept safely there. Once the loan tenure is over the bridge will be returned. As everyone knows this is a never ending loan, there is no need to worry about drilling that area. Hence, the project can proceed.

4. Ram is not Hindu. Hindu is a newspaper, and not a religion. The only connection between Hindu and Ram is that, his namesake N Ram is the editor of ‘The Hindu’. Apart from that there is no other connection. So how can a newspaper which is in vogue for 100+ years only, construct a bridge which is supposed to be 1000+ years old?


He and She are engaged and about to get married. He calls She

He: Hey. Enna aachu. You are not online today?
She: Hey. Painter has come home for whitewashing. So, whole house is in kind of mess. Adhaan online varalai
He: Oh! Hmmm. Hey. Will you be going to a beauty parlour before the reception or before the wedding?
She: Ofcourse before reception. Wedding munnadi poana homam la ellam oru madhiri aagidum. Adhu irukkatum. Thideernu yaen idha ellam kaekkare?
He: Illai. I wanted to ask this for a long time. But I kept forgetting. The moment you said whitewashing, I was reminded of it!
She: !!!!!