BSNL 3G Configuration Settings

After lots of trial and error, online search I still could not figure out how to enable the BSNL 3G configuration. And as a last option I called up the BSNL customer care (1503 from your mobile. Press 2(For english), again 2 (for main menu) and then 9 for talking to a customer care executive). To my surprise someone answered the call at around 9.30 P.M., spoke good english and more importantly answered my query.
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In Kalaignar TV there was a program on Chennai Sangamam today morning. Atleast when I was watching, MK was seriously watching a special song/dance sequence on ‘Oppaari’. How apt?

Getting directions in Bangalore

Swalpa mundha (Just ahead) – It is atleast 500 metres from where you are.

Straight hogi – No. It is anything but straight. You would have started before the guy completed giving his instructions. He would have actually meant, go straight, you will get a circle. Turn left at that circle. Go straight for another 500 metres and ask yet another person for directions.

Straiiighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttttttttttt Hogi – Forget it. You are no where near the destination. Atleast 3 to 4 kms to go.

2nd left, 3rd right – There are that many roads in this area. So the address you ask might be in any of these left or rights. It all depends on how you interpret. You never asked the person giving directions, from where you need to take the second left or 3rd right, right?

Thygaraja theatre cycle parking is safer

I need to reach Chennai tonight. The train is late by 3 hours. I wonder if I should walk in to Bangalore city station, find an empty engine and drive it till chennai.

Though it might sound like a Vijayakanth movie scene, something like that has already happened.

Is it that easy to steal a train?

Very hot in Bangalore

In JP nagar 9th phase, Bangalore there is a road called Amruth Nagar Main Road. This Amruth Nagar is there for more than 100 years.

It seems a guy called Anjan lived there around 90 years ago. He was a very popular guy. And one day he suffered from severe headache and nothing could cure him. And he didn’t know what to do . His wife who was cooking that time felt that if she applies something hot he will be alright and in the heat of the moment she mixed ghee, haldi(manjal) and stuff and applied it on Anjan’s forehead.

And to everyone’s surprise his headache got cured. And they named the combination balm Amrutanjan.