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Having an exclusive Customer Care executive helps. Let it be with your Cellphone network provider, ICICI bank or Maruti Car service centre. Where in, you can get what you want by just contacting that person instead of spending hours explaining same thing time and again to different people. Imagine extending the same analogy to a ghost as in Pei(Payee). You get the movie Muni. Thalai Ezhuthu

If you are a type of person who gets scared at horror movies, then this movie is a must watch for you. You will start laughing at ghosts in future. Asingapaduthitaanga

I really pity the movie makers. They have to follow the rules and regulations set by moral police, and various other people from the society. What do they do? They make movies like Muni, as Ghosts don’t protest, or destroy the movie posters etc. I wish they do

Fine. What is Muni about? I won’t go much into story. Solradhukku yedavadhu irundha dhaane? And the review will be relatively short. Idhu enna captain padama enna? Avar size kku review ezhudha?

*Its a typical ghost movie. But in this movie, the ghost is a good at heart ghost. Rajkiran has acted naturally as the ghost. Very realistic, I would say! He has died(Can I say lived for Pei?) that character!Pei madhiriye irukaar baa

*In this movie, even the ghost has a flashback. Rajkiran explains, why he became a payee to the priest Nasser(Enna aachu Nasser ungalukku?) and Lawrence. Lawrence is touched(emotionally, you silly) by the story of Rajkiran and asks him to get into his soul. Dei. Idhenna bike aa? Erikoanga. T.Nagar la drop panren solra maadhiri, get inside solre?

*Rajkiran is a customizable ghost. Lawrence decides when the ghost must get in, and when it should leave. For instance, when he wants to spend quality time with Vethika(Adhu ennaya Vethika?), Pei acts very nice and leaves them alone. And when Lawrence wants to hit the bad guys, Pei gets in. This is what I meant in the first paragraph!

*One girl is in love with some guy. To stop her parents from looking for someone else, she acts as if she is under the influence of ghost

*Vinu chakravarthy, Kovai Sarala, Kaadhal villain etc are also there in the movie

*I have gone mad. Review is over

16 thoughts on “Muni – Film Review – Customize your Payee

  1. >Customize your Payee
    Hilarious review! Hope more and more movies like this get released so that we will get to read your reviews 😉

  2. aamam.. ethe kathayathan namma thalai kalyana ramana vanthu pannitar… history repeats itself… 🙂

    But oru vishayam… muni made you realise something deep and ‘spirit’ual…

    “I have gone mad”… – Ferrari Bhagwan.. 🙂

  3. boochandi,
    thirumagan and vyabari is released…i saw these posters today in bangalore..hope to get reviews from boochandi soon 🙂

  4. my record is broken 🙁 missed sabari after managing to watch all other captain flicks..

    but congrats on graduating to muni!!

  5. Prabhu,

    To digest this movie..see ‘scary movie’ ( this is a movie kindal adichufying all ghost and supernatural movies like Matrix, sixth sense etc) ..if you have watched those movies …oh this movie is hilarious!!!

    try it sometime..but make sure u watch those real movies before that u enjoy it !!!

  6. idhellam oru pozhappa? indha madiri kandravi ellam eppadi pakkarenga? cha! andha lawrence oru moonji, avan direct pannalanu evan thaan azhudhano! thalai ezhuthu!!

  7. varaanda muni song music and picturization kagave movie 100 times pakkalam 😛

  8. Balaji is right. Watch Scary movie or haunted house II. They would have fullly en acted some ghost movies ‘what lies beneath’ , ‘haunted’ and also normal movies like ‘rocky’, ‘desperado’ … But you should have watched the original movies to appreciate this one…

    Anyway Prabhu, that was an excellent gist of the movie. I hope no one will dare to watch it after reading this…

    Ungal sevai nattukku thevai…

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