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  1. Jaggery ) or Brown Sugar 6 tbsp.
    Cardamom Powder 2 pinches
    Ginger 1 small piece
    Lemon Juice 1 teaspoon
    Salt 1 pinch
    Water 2 cups

    Powder the jaggery and the dried ginger well. Take water and add the above powders and the cardamom powder. Add salt, and the lime or lemon juice. Stir well (until jaggery is dissolved) and serve.

    Rama Navami ku appidi enna kondattam… Paanagam Kudika oru saaaku nu sollunga! 🙂

  2. ferro…

    ippo la modern times la rama navami anniki…modern pannagam kudikalame (monitor, dsp)….kadialaye kidiaikkum…:P

    as soon as isaw ur ram navami post…i was remebered of one of ur he she posts!

  3. happy rama navami to u too.. in Nandhu’s recipe, u shud replace ginger with chukku.

    neer more-ku recipe theriyuma illa venuma?;-)

  4. i second srivathsan. reminded of ur he-she post 🙂 more than that one comment which talked abt hanuman jayanthi 🙂 waiting for the next he she 😉

  5. Hello

    Have u not seen Bama Vijayam? The best joke by Nagesh “Sinima starn nenacha, sree rama navamiya irukkele?”. Rama Navami, Neer Moru is important.

  6. Oh.. so much ingredients reqd for paanagam! No wonder my paanagam tasted wierd!! I had just mixed jaggery in water! 😀

  7. thats sweet pollution of water…nothing beyond that. 🙂

    but had u added cardomon it wud have started tasting bit better. try it out.

  8. selvi,
    You don’t know?

    Nandhu, Nithya and Prakash,
    Thank you thank you. Will Try this weekend 😉




    Next He-She? 😛


    I remember now. Thanks 🙂


    He he 😛

    Sweet pollution aa?

    Oh idhellam kooda kedaikaradha?

    Thank you 🙂

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