Chemistry between people!

Dear NN,

I recently started talking to a girl. The thing is I am running out of topics to discuss with her. How long can one talk about office, climate and movies? Please suggest me some topics which can help me get closer to her.

Dear Madai.Yan,

Have you tried philosophy? You might not get response for the mails ‘How are you, where are you’ etc. But if you send generic mails like ‘There is a certain chemistry with certain people. You don’t talk to them for months together. And after that once you start talking, you felt there was no gap. But at same time, there are some people with whom you don’t feel that close as days goes by. It has nothing to do with misunderstandings or different tastes. It just doesn’t work. That is all! Biggest problem is, when you get to know 2 people at same time. And those 2 know each other as well‘ she will definitely respond. In fact she will even ask you, if you are indirectly referring to her or something. Well, I don’t think it should be tough to take it forward!

22 thoughts on “Chemistry between people!

  1. Life twists and turns
    Like in a mystery,
    Relationships are sweet
    Only in history,
    Hell is other people,
    Damn gallantry!
    Utopia is where
    People talk about chemistry!

  2. ithukku philosophy ellam vendam… simple logic pothum… ippadi topic yosichu, plan panni pesarathu na… better stop… it’s not going to work…

    ithukkum chemistry kkum enna irukku… pesarathukku acid pothu analysis a panna mudiyum…

  3. geetha,


    He he 😀

    Hell’s Angel,
    I see 🙂

    Have you seen the movie Alaipayuthey? There is one scene, where Madhavan tries to sit next to Shalini in the bus. One lady will interrupt him and scold him. By any chance, you her fan?

    Eh? 😛

  4. hmm well some of us do understand Malay…Selvi ur totally out of a huge fan of Prabhu, have to defend him….Jangan marah eh..Engkau tak faham dia punya jokes, balik kampung la..

  5. ippo purinchudha? 😛

    malay kathukongha prabhu… appuram neengha india le oor suthiparkara mathiri malaysia vanthinghana… easy a irukkum le…

  6. hahahhaa…PF …how come u didnt mention chemistry vs picket fences!!!!!!!!!
    what happens if theres chemistry and one of them keeps erecting picket fneces!!!!!!:))))))))))
    demolish panniyay Oanji pOidum:)))

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