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Does anyone know of a good movie maker software? Of course, a free ware. I tried ULead and EditStudio so far.

With ULead, one can’t add scrolling texts to the video 🙁 And, EditStudio trial version adds a watermark and also introduces a time delay!

Any suggestions?

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  1. windows movie maker is the easiest one to work with but u the output resolution will not be that good.

    u can try out adobe premier…
    a cool one for mixing movie clips…
    and u can also change the output file resolution…

  2. u can use adobe premiere 6.5 or premiere pro 1.5 … they are used in semi professional studios today … easy to use as well … u find get a cracked version from net if u google

  3. Prabhu, IF you’re looking for a decent home made video – Windows Movie Maker is the best bet.
    It has scrolling text effect indeed. Here’s how you do it.

    – First drag your video to the timeline.
    In the Movie tasks tasks pane,
    – Goto “Make Titles or Credits”.
    – Select the third option, i.e “Add title on the selected clip in the time line.”
    – Enter the text in the text area
    – Click on “Change the Title Animation”
    – Select the 23’rd option i.e “Scroll banner”
    – Click “Done- Add title to movie”


    If you wanna change the title colour/text size/font etc, click on the text icon on the timeline and you’ll get the options to do this.


  4. Thanks a lot guys. Especially to ‘Daily Dose’. Windows Movie maker is really good. I am trying the other ones suggested by Amit Agarwal as well. Thanks once again 🙂

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