Beckham to leave Real Madrid

And he will join the American Club LA Galaxy(???). He played for 2 major clubs in the history of football, and this movie is a surprise. Hmmm. I like this guy for his free kicks. But then Beckham is more than football for many people, and clubs utilise it well for marketing strategies 😉

There are rumours that Ronaldo(Not the portugese one) will be leaving Real as well. End of the Galactico era?

2 thoughts on “Beckham to leave Real Madrid

  1. Guess “Beckham mania” has finally caught up with the man himself… His move was imminent anyways..
    Anaal, America ponavanga ellam Pele aga mudiyuma? 🙂

  2. Guess he will have no regrets … He may have not won anything with Real, but He has achieved everything in Football with ManU. Premier League, FA Cup, Champions League, Captain’s Armband …

    I loved him for the wonderful years he gave us at Old Trafford between 96 and 02.

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