Airtel MNP problems

Recently I submitted a request to Airtel to port my number from Airtel to BSNL. After 4 days I got a message from BSNL saying that my request was rejected by Airtel due to legal reasons. When I called the help desk at 121 they said since my balance was negative they rejected the porting request.

1. When I Submitted porting request my balance was 10 Rs.
2. No call was made nor was any message sent. How did I get into negative balance then?

After lots of talking the call centre guy finally conceded that the 10 Rs debit was wrong and agreed to refund it. They did refund the money immediately. But now I have to resubmit the porting request, wait for 72 hours. Luckily this was my spare mobile and I am ready to wait till eternity till Airtel gets fed up and allows by porting request. But how many will? Is this Airtel’s way of getting back at customers who want to move away from them? If this is not cheating, then what is?

I am waiting for the day I can get rid of Airtel.

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    • 19/02/11

      10/4 MUTHU LANE
      CHENNAI 14

      SANTHOME CHENNAI 600 004

      PORTING UNIQUE ID; AT 589252
      With reference to the above 0n 14/02/11 around 945am I personally met one Mr H Abdul at bharti towers, customer meet desk, santhome chennai , I submitted the letter and the same was mailed by me to, mr abdul said the port out will be done within tomorrow ( 15/02/11)
      For my mail I got the instant automated acknowledgement as well as the reply from the Mr. Vineeth Pankajan Customer Care Bharti Airtel Limited on 14/02/11
      Reply is as follows
      Dear Customer,
      We understand from your previous mails regarding rejection of Mobile Number Portability request for your mobile number 9840087405.
      We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you in this regard.
      We would like to inform that your concern regarding rejection of port out request has been registered. The Service Request number is 0214990015.
      We will revert to you on or before 16-Feb-2011.
      This like same reply I am getting from you from various customer care officer
      Like Mr. durai Mugrugan,Ms Aarthi balasubramaniyam,D karthick and finally Vineeth pankaj rajan

      The same reply I am getting since 3rd February 2011, without any active resole in my case
      This Like delay normally makes everyone mental agony,

      As per the TRAI regulation portout have to be carried out within 7 days, but my case its rejected for the Meaningless and irrelevant ( not applicable to me) reason like

      “Your porting request is rejected by BHARTI AIRTEL (GSM) due to there are subsisting contractual obligation from the subscriber agreement “
      As per my 14th February 2011 personnel meet letter and mail vide new unique id
      AT 815334 of reapply with Aircel was not accepted by Aircel becoz of my previous is rejected by you they said the error code shown as 888 and 333 error ( once rejection happen system cannot accept to do re apply procedure submit )
      For the same I explained on 17/02/11 with your executive Ms Gowri around 2.30pm
      So based on my PORTING UNIQUE ID; AT 589252 send the approval for port out

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  2. Mine being an AirTel Postpaid connection with 500 rupees excess balance deposit and 5000 rupee credit, i am unable to switch to BSNL due to AirTel’s “rejected by Airtel due to legal reasons”… BShit reasons…
    So finally i approached
    Sometimes AirTel gives 2-5 days valid Unique Portability Code, sometimes the balance shows less (1 digit or negative). This shows AirTel’s worst tricks of customer retaining tactics and fear of losing business.

  3. I have sucessfully port out from Aircel to Airtel. But my problem is that when I am downloading something from the Airtel hompage then the error showing me that Not a valid Airtel number. However I have not any other problem. Everything is okay.

  4. I’ve applied for portability of my number Chennai Airtel to BSNL
    on 2nd Feb, yesterday I got message that My service provider (Airtel) has rejected portability due to Legal reasons. I don’t know what legal reasons, I’ve paid their last months plus extra sufficient amount for period up to portability time.
    It is very cheap practice to retain customer.
    Actually I was porting due to not getting signal inside house. I told them once u will install tower I’ll rejoin but by seeing these cheap activities I’ll never switch back to Airtel.
    BSNL is transparent in billing and everywhere available in India. Private people will tell 2 things and hide 10 things.

    +91 9600013446

  5. hello,am maheshkumar i have the same problem in my airtel number that “your porting request for mobile number XXXXXXXXXX has been rejected due to legal reasons” when i contact the customer care their reply was about address proof,than i gave a letter to BSNL that “ID proof given to you is true if there is any fault am ready to face the legal action” like that,i don’t know how far it will take to port-out from airtel and port-in to BSNL.
    It’s very worst and poor technique of retaining customer in AIRTEL,as a customer am requesting them that still there is a time to make their mistake to correct.

  6. Here i applied for port from vodafone to Airtel on 28-01-2011, there is no any progress, this system is making fool to all of us. Both are not given proper response or reasion for why no is not proting , this is in delhi

  7. Hi,

    This is my severe request to all people. Don’t migrate to any network. I migrated my airtel number to BSNl. Everything is fine. But i could not receive any sms from any other network. One week has passed. I can receive only sms from my home network i.e., BSNL only…….. not from others.

  8. Hi! I also have the same problem that my request was rejected by Airtel due to legal reasons. since I got that massage on 8 fab. 2011 I am trying to connect 121 and the no. 9897098970 but it is not connecting. what should I do to get rid of AIRTEL. Please any one suggest me?

  9. my request was also rejected by airtel. i want to switch to aircel from airtel. airtel rejected my application with unjust reason that 90 days are not complete with the current operator. the fact is that this nomber is 5 to 6 years old.

    i think we must spoil the name of airtel on facebook, orkut and other networking sites. others must know what unjust airtel is doing to its customers who want to port out.

  10. I had applied for MNP on 23 rd of february to change my AIRTEL TO BSNL.But there is no respond and when contacted to 198 they just picked and hanged up my call.Afterward the cust care called me told a many problems in porting out and told me to stay on AIRTEL.This attitude of company is disgusting and company should be punished.This irresponsible behavior from AIRTEL.

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  12. Hi my name is deore D.S
    I have sussesfully port out form Airtel to bsnl but My problem are my airtel network is closed but not start my bsnl network. Incomming and outgoing calls are suspended. Plz help me. My no. Is important but not making call me.
    Mobile No. Is 9860443641 maharashtra

  13. Hi……plz help me
    my name is deore D.S
    I have sussesfully port out form Airtel to bsnl but My problem are my airtel network is closed but not start my bsnl network. Incomming and outgoing calls are suspended. Plz help me. My no. Is important but not making call me.
    Mobile No. Is 9860443641 maharashtra

  14. My mob is Airtel i wish to change to BSNL but they give reply as “Your rewuested has been rejected by service provider due to legal reasons”

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