BSNL 3G Configuration Settings

After lots of trial and error, online search I still could not figure out how to enable the BSNL 3G configuration. And as a last option I called up the BSNL customer care (1503 from your mobile. Press 2(For english), again 2 (for main menu) and then 9 for talking to a customer care executive). To my surprise someone answered the call at around 9.30 P.M., spoke good english and more importantly answered my query.

Step 1: Send a SMS to 58355 in the following format. E.g. Nokia N900
Step 2: You will receive 4 configuration messages which can be opened with a PIN no.
Step 3: PIN no is 1111
Step 4: Use the PIN, open the configuration message and save it. Do the same for all messages.

Thats all. Initially your phone will show 3G, and when you successfully configure it becomes 3.5G.

As mentioned in the previous post, the speed is really good and network coverage is quite good( It catches only in big cities/towns though. I tried in Hosur, Ambur and Vaniyambadi where the network went to 2.5 G and from Vellore to Chennai it became 3.5G again). Ofcourse it works in many places in Bengaluru/Bangalore.

So far so good.

396 thoughts on “BSNL 3G Configuration Settings

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  4. Hi Prabhu…

    I sent the SMS – Nokia N900 to 58355

    However i was never prompted for the settings … i just recieved a SMS from BSNL which said the settings were applied successfully..

    1. internet is still not working..

    Can you please tell me how to enable prompting to save the settings..

    2. If not the complete settings info of your n900 so that i can setup same way.


  5. Musheer,

    Did you get a new 3G SIM from BSNL? Your 2G SIM will also show the nearest 3G tower but you need a 256KB UMTS 3G SIM from BSNL for the settings to work.

  6. Hi Yaar, My comments r not regarding 3g,but…earlier there were good post from ur side…Travelogue,He she.. But no update nowadays..Busy!!! Please do make ur blog intresting as earlier!!! Thank You.

  7. Hi Prabhu,

    Thanks for the post. It’s nice to know that 3G works fairly well. Have you had a chance to do a video call etc ? I want to know how good those services are ?

    Also, the N900 is available in India already ? How much did you pay for it and where did you pick it up from ?


  8. Hi,

    I bought a 3G SIM, but I am not able to topup. The usual *123* 18 digit secret no # did not work either.

    Do you have a pre-paid card? If so, how did you top-up?


  9. I sent the SMS – Nokia N900 to 58355.

    But I got a message back that the handset is not supported.

    Could anyone help. I am in bangalore.

    Thanks in Advance

  10. Vishnupriya,
    Sure will start again 🙂

    I got it via my friends in Europe. Its not available in India yet. Hope they will launch soon now that MeeGo is coming to N900 in few weeks and all.

    I went to the customer care centre to recharge it. Not available online.

    Which phone do you have?

  11. To access internet with 3G Usim just create new access point with Access Point Name as and leave rest of the settings as it is. You will be able to access high speed internet with this access point.

  12. Ah I see 🙂

    and MeeGo is not coming to N900 in a few weeks and all. It’s just that Nokia and Intel have gotten together to make devices using Maemo (the linux based OS that runs on N900) and Moblin (technology headed by Intel)

    Maemo(Nokia) + Moblin(Intel) = MeeGo(New cross platform devices)

    Anway, it’ll be great to see some more reviews about the N900 and 3G in your blog…

    ..and ofcourse your interesting He / She series as well 🙂

  13. I am from Bangalore. After googling for a while I found these settings to be working for BSNL 3G SIM in Bangalore:

    access point:
    username: ppp
    passwd: ppp123
    rest leave as default.

    But one thing is not clear, are these GPRS settings or 3G?
    I am not able to see the difference in data download.

  14. hi i m from bangalore i m having iphone 3g i have migrated from 2g to 3g after sim activation i had the 120 FRC n made the vpn configuration as required it’s showing 3g symbol on top but still internet is not working plz help……………

  15. hi prabhu my mobile device is nokian900 but bsnl 3g gprs is not working in my mobile can you send me gprs settings thanks sanjay

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  17. hi, i converted my sim with 3g, and saved all new access points. but i could not access network. bsnl cc officers did not give the solution.anyone help me?

  18. Thanks very much Prabhu

    I got 8 messages though for my Nokia N95 🙂 6 configurations and two general welcome and congratulations your are connected messages.


  19. Hi Prabhu,

    I sent the SMS and got 6 config settings, all accepted and saved for my Nokia E71. However when I try to access the net it says ‘pacjet data not available’. In ‘access points’ I have BSNL Internet, bsnlnet, bsnlportal, bsnlstream, bsnlwap. Which is to be used as the default access point for 3G? Can you please help?

  20. Hi Ferrari,

    I am in Bangalore living at Eagle Ridge – close to Begur/Bommanhalli and electronic city. I plan on buying a 3G Ultra sim (some such name they said) to access internet on my laptop (not mobile). Do you think the speed is good enough for voice as well. I use IP phone and internet for my meetings and I see that the Photon+ (Tata Indicom) is good for text data but when it is voice, it drops every now and then.

    Do you recommend 3G for my requriment ? Is there a way to test how well the 3G will work from my area/home, before buying it ?


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  22. Dear Friend!

    I have tried to send my mobile name as NOKIA 5800 to the BSNL no given for receiving SMS settings. Its reply is “sorry format is not correct”

    My phone is NOKIA 5800 XPRESSMUSIC, I live at VISAKHAPATNAM. I have bought a new bsnl 3G sim pre paid and topped it.

    Whenever i try to access net, it says its only for bsnl users only. I am getting frustrated. Please send me the model no//I should forward as SMS to bsnl or else forward settings for 5800.

    thanks in advance


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  26. Dear sir/Madam

    i am haveing sumsung GT-S5350 3G hand set, my required BSNL 3G GPRS cunection. Please help me

    thank you

  27. You need to create new access point to access internet with and do not change other settings. In this way you can access high speed internet.

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  35. hi
    i’m not getting 3g configuration settings for my nokia 5800 xpress music phone, pl send to my mail

  36. I have received New BSNL Settings and all configured and saved on Nokia 6630. But internet speed is very slow on accessing through PC.

    Earlier to new settings the PC Suite was configured as is there a new setting for the PC Suit ??

  37. Make sure your PHONE is set to work on 3G network ie. in my phone, to use 3G network, I had to select “WCDMA” in my network mode settings. You should see “3G” written somewhere on your phone screen if it is connected to 3G network.
    Coach hire –

  38. hi prabhu,,,
    could u tell me how to connect samsung s5620 monte to my pc with Bsnl 3G.
    the customer care don’t care what they have, they giving for windows xp,
    but i want a setting for windows 7. pl send reply for both data cable and blue tooth radio.
    i allready use browsing 3g in my mobile.


  39. hi friends….!!!!

    I just connect my (samsung s5620 monte) bsnl 3g to my windows 7 p.c
    what a good news…..! i got 2840 kbps speed.well bsnl…..? finaly you
    show your strength. but custommer care very worst. they don’t
    know how to connect to windows 7 pc. some one helped me via net.

    otherwise BSNL.3G……you are great.realy great.

    • I have also got Samsung monte S5620 and a 3G BSNL sim. Could you please give a step-by step direction as to how to connect to Laptop. Thanks in advance.
      I am unable to access Google Maps. It comes back with a message. “This requires a data network. Contact your carrier etc. etc.” Any comments on this?

    • Hello friends

      Can you help me to connect to Samsung Monte S5620 Mobile to internet through laptop.
      I can use internet through phone but i can’t connect to internet through laptop. Am using Samsung PC suite(Kies) latest version provided with mobile. I got connection between mobile and laptop but not to internet. BSNL customer care also can’t solve this problem. When i called them, they don’t have settings for my mobile. Am using windows 7

      My email :
      Please give step by step with dialing rules and other details.

  40. well i am facing a problem that is my phone corby pro cannot be used as modem,as it cannot detect the configuration or cannot be put manually configured and i want to know that the pc suite namely kies is a problem to me ?

  41. i cannot used my phone as 3g modem (Corby pro).i cannot manually put the address and cannot detect the bsnl 3g configuration. I am waiting for the response.

  42. Hi!

    Recently i have purchased a 3G Venela Super Sim of 256kb for my Sony Ericsson Satio U1 mobile which is 3G enabled mobile. I have gone to lot of BSNL offices in Hyderabad for the settings of the 3G connection but i only got one reply from them is type your manufacturer’s name and model number to 58355 and you will receive the Internet settings. I tried lot of times but reply of the sms was sorry format is wrong. My mobile is from Sony Ericsson and model is SATIO U1. If you can help me out with the settings on my mobile i will be very thankfull to you. My mobile number is 09494408657. Waiting for your reply.


  44. hi guys i brought bsnl 3g sim 2days back and my mobile model is samsung corby pro i am not getting config settings its saying “sorry, worng format” plz help

  45. Hai Prabhu,
    Recently i purchased SAMSUNG S 5620(monte), and BSNL 3G SIM, i have activated internet (Rs.175) plan. i am able to connect to internet in Mobile phone but when i am connecting to PC through KIES PPP link failure,( authentication occured) messaage is pooping up,please help me how to connect my phone to PC

  46. what i do to connect to 3g . my area exchange not providing high signals to connect 3g .i wait airtel 3g .there r not show any signals whenever i go to third floor then some signals shows in laptop and disconnect after some seconds

  47. i have nokia n73 i am configured all settings but internet did not working and there is no packet data link shows on mobile my no 8986681004 in dumka jharkhand

  48. Hi All,

    I have HTC wildfire I am not able to connect to bsnl 3g services.when i send message to 58355 i get a message saying this model is not supported.

    Experts pls let me know if there is a solution.


  49. BSNL sent SMS that settings are not available for SAMSUNG SGH-i200. I have migrated from 2G to 3G without changing sim card. Please help in settings. I want to use my 3G phone as modem for my laptop to access internet.

  50. I had a Excel Prepaid Connection in Chennai for 3 years. I bought a Samsung GT-S5603 ( Samsung Star 3G ) phone. Then I went to BSNL Office in Greams Road,Chennai and asked to convert my existing connection to a 3G prepaid connection. I was told that there were no formalities like filling forms necessary and that all I had to do was to send a SMS with the alphabets M3G120 to 53733. I immediately got back an SMS asking me to send a confirmatory text M3G120Y to 53733, which I did. Lo I got a set of 3 configuration messages which I installed ( as soon as I opened the message, one of the options displayed by the phone was Ïnstall”) without problems. It set up AP names such as ””.When I opened Explorer and tried to open a URL – I received an error saying there was no network available. After a few wasted hours – trying out various possibilities, I finally dialled 1503 – the BSNL helpline and manaed to talk to a 3G helpdesk operator.

    After listening to my story – he very simply asked me to delete all the configurations installed under Settings —> Network Settings– >Connections. After this he asked me to send an SMS with the manufacturer and my full phone model number ( viz. SAMSUNG GT-S5603) to 58355. This I did and promptly got back an SMS saying that the format was wrong. It gave some examples that did not indicate what i had sone wrong, but I sent back an SMS with only the basic info ( SAMSUNG S5603 ) to 58355. I immediately received 3 configuration SMSes – which I installed- and 2 info messages. Three connections were set up “bsnlnet, bsnllive and bsnlmms” and the 3G+ in the upper status bar lit up.

    I opened my browser and typed out a URL and Voila ! I was up and going !

    Am yet to test speed and coverage, but reports from a couple of friends using it, report that the service is very satisfactory in urban areas.

    Key takeaways from the experience :
    1. You do not need to change your sim card – unless your phone needs a micro-sim ( like IPad 3G does ), nor do you have to take a new number.

    2. The personnel in the “visible”offices ( Customer Service Centers etc. ) have different info from those in the ” invisible office”( viz. the Helpdesk in the call center ). So there is still some extra effort involved to discover the simple SMS that is expected to trigger the magic that is 3G. I would say – call the Helpdesk on 1503 – on the first sign of trouble. They seem to have faced a lot of these situations and have ready solutions.

    3. Lastly, you need to experiment a little bit to figure out the format of SMS giving details of the manufacturer and model of the phone to 58355. The SMSes to this number are not charged.


  51. Thanks John Doe. After a lot of frustrating experimentation and useless conversations with helpline, I put the handset number which came as example in the sms. I got the settings and installed. But still not able to browse internet.


  52. hello pz tell me frnd, maine bsnl ka 3 g sim liya hua hai s ettings bhi manga li hai per jab mai isse pc per surf karta hu tab speed nahi milti hai jo spped 2g se mil rahi thi wahi milti hai yesha kiu, isi wajah se mai isme net nahi dalwa pa raha hu.

  53. initially i struggled to configure my PC for 3g. later i realized i just need to
    1. install nokia pc suite
    2. set configure connection manually
    3. set Access point as ‘bsnlnet’
    and connect… it works really amazing 🙂 NJoy
    Waiting for some unlimited plan for 3G ………..

  54. hi
    this is anil
    am having iphone 3gs phone
    am using internet with bsnl 2g
    but am unable to connect to the internet with bsnl 3g
    can anyone help me


  56. I have nokia n70 mobile. I have received msg from bsnl ‘Dear customer, your are having 3G mobile. BSNL has enabled 3G on your no. with NO RENTAL. Enjoy high speed data(1Rs/MB) & vedio calling (30ps/min).(T/C).’ now how can i use this service? How can i know that 3g is activated? I received settings from 58355-bsnllive, bsnlstream, bsnlnet, bsnlmms which one i shall use?

  57. I am using htc tytn mobile.I want to buy bsnl 3g sim, can u say any offers like (unlimited internet in 3g or 2gb or 5gb per month) I used more internet on mobile. pls could u help me and how much speed I get with it replay to my mail pls iam from hyderabad

  58. Best you could change the webpage name BSNL 3G Configuration Settings | Prabhu n Ferrari to more generic for your subject you create. I liked the blog post however.

  59. i have bsnl 3G Sim Postpaid, but it dose not work on My apple 2G iphone,
    but 2g Sim it Works Fine, What is the problem? let me Explain,

  60. Hi,

    I have taken new 3g bsnl sim card for my nokia 5230. if i connected to my PC i can able to surf the net. but if i try to browse internet in my nokia device it show 0 kb after a while it say timed out.
    can any one hep me out from this

    showing 3.5g on screen, i have checked all the access point.


  61. Hello friends

    Can you help me to connect to Samsung Monte S5620 Mobile to internet through laptop.
    I can use internet through phone but i can’t connect to internet through laptop. Am using Samsung PC suite(Kies) latest version provided with mobile. I got connection between mobile and laptop but not to internet. BSNL customer care also can’t solve this problem. When i called them, they don’t have settings for my mobile.

  62. i m unable to connect my Samsung Monte S5620 Mobile to internet through laptop(windows 7).
    I can use internet through phone but i can’t connect to internet through laptop. Am using Samsung PC suite(Kies) latest version provided with mobile. I got connection between mobile and laptop but not to internet.
    kindly, assist me.

  63. Hi , I have VIVAZ (sony Ericsson ) mobile , can you tell me about Configuration setting .few days before i am able to connect the Internet but now days it’s not working and not getting proper answer from customer care , can you please tell me about the configuration and prepaid plan for 3 G

  64. i m unable to connect my Samsung Monte S5620 Mobile to internet through laptop(windows 7).
    I can use internet through phone but i can’t connect to internet through laptop. Am using Samsung PC suite(Kies) latest version provided with mobile. I got connection between mobile and laptop but not to internet.
    kindly, assist me.

  65. BSNL 3G data card is THE WORST

    I am from Nagpur. I bought this BSNL 3G data card a month ago with unlimited plan. When I saw demo I got impressed with the speed, closed other 2 connections and purchased this. I don’t remember a day when it didn’t disconnected within 10 to 15 mins and every now and then since 4-5 days. Its not that I live in interior parts where there may be chance of week signals. I tested on various machines also but the same.
    I am a freelance web developer and can’t do without internet. BSNL 3G has ruined my business. I am losing money and clients like anything. There is no one to hear with this people. No one picks up the call at customer support number and no one takes any action you give any written complaints.

    Guys stay away from this BSNL 3G data card otherwise you will just be helpless and pulling your hairs and go bald soon. This people are fooling us by selling useless products. I am posting this message on as many blogs as I can so as I can prevent some people form getting cheated by these people.

  66. Hi friends, I am using nokia N70 I have taken 2G bsnl sim and convert it to 3G
    But in my mobile there is only two network mode GSM & Dual mode so when ever 3 G signal strength decreases slightly it switch back to 2G
    so i am unable to make video call ,browse .. using 3G
    If u have any solution just tell me

  67. me replace my seem before 2 month how can i know my sim is 256 kb utms or not .
    is that nessisary. i replace my seem to activate 3g on my nokia e 52 handset,

  68. hi,
    can anyone help me to connect internet on pc/laptop using my samsung monte mobile.
    i am using bsnl 3g sim
    internet works well on mobile but i was not able to connect it on pc.
    if anyone has any solution please do send me

  69. Hi Guys

    I am using Nokia N900 since last few months. please provide me 3G settings. I live in Maharashtra ( ulhasnagar ). also how do I use my phone as modem and connect it to the laptop using BSNL 3G ?

    Waiting for your kind advice

    My email :

  70. Hi Guys,

    i am from hyderabad.

    Finally i tested bsnl 3g by buying a sim cost 59/- with FRC 120 /- and got good amount of freebies 150 Rs talk time(6 months valid), 100 video call min, 2000 local/national sms, 1 week 3g unlimited download after that 200mb of download.

    Bsnl is offering 1 week 3g unlimited as a promotional offer for 90 days started from 01 Nov, go and grab it soon to test it 🙂
    I am using samsung monte s5620 mobile, download is amazing using torrent and poor while browsing and streaming videos. I am getting an avg speed of 250KBps(2Mbps) in torrent. I am able to download a movie of 700mb in less than 1hr. Upload speed is very less.

    1) downloading torrent with amazing speed.
    2) watching tv on mobile
    3) streaming on mobile youtube sites and browsing on mobile.

    1) browsing internet using pc is not that good compared to regular broadband connection.
    2)Upload speed is very less, webcam chat will not be that good compared BB.
    3) Can’t play games running on servers because ping is very high reaching 250.

    I tested using bluetooth bt laptop and mobile, both dl/ul is very less almost gprs speed, better use datacable.

    Connection settings:

    use apn : bsnlnet
    phone no:*99***1#

    done with my comments.

  71. It seems most of them are facing problem connecting the samsung monte to pc either by cable or bluetooth.

    I am here to help you out.

    Send sms samsung s5620 to 58355 to get the settings on your mobile. New sim is by default 3g activated. If you dont have settings just create a new connection in ineternet profiles with bsnlnet as apn name leaving the remaining things blanked.

    Cable :

    Make sure that you have installed Kies or monte modem driver. Kies by default installs the modem driver. If you are not able to install kies,try to format your system and install it again. Once the kies is installed try to create a new phone connection with isp name as bsnlnet and phone no *99***1# then connect your mobile and connect to internet.


    Control panel > Phone and Modem Options select bluetooth modem then properties > Advanced tab then give Extra settings value as at+cgdcont=1,”ip”,”bsnlnet”,””,0,0

    If you face any problem drop me a mail @

    • Sir I have 3g data card of teracom company when me connect this to laptop 3g signal show full but when connect this
      The error is “ the ppp link protocol was terminated I have also data plan & same problem creating by mobile nokia 2730 its not setting when me opening net of mobile error is packet data connection not available so tell me but can I do ????????????
      If u have solution sent me on my id “

  72. hi sir me from nagaland (dimapur ) when me connect my 3g data card to laptop the error is the ppp link protocol was terminated?
    3g signel is full
    pls tell me so but i can do sir




  74. Can someone tell me how to configer LG GT540 for 3G Net setting and which access point to be used for surfing Internet out of

  75. It strange to inform you that a lot of advertisements regarding net on mobile phone are being given. Messages are being received on mobile regarding activating GPRS and providing net service. I have got 98 pack on trial basis on telephone No. 94186-45289 and got settings in your customer care centre Kasumpti Shimla. Internet is working on phone, but I am not able to connect it to PC. The customer care no. of bsnl is time and again intimating that GPRS settings will be sent but I am not getting the same for the last more than 15 days. I have Nokia 3110 with me. I think with this message I can express my grievances and will be able to get the required services.

  76. hi Prabhu
    my hand set is nokia n8-00 i buy bsnl 3g and save setting internet work proprly but i cant open skype do you have any idea about it?

  77. I have a iPhone16GB. How do i Sent madel name and mode no. to bsnl for GPRS activation. I have sent messages but it is coming as wrong format. model number is A1303

  78. for samsung monte s5620
    to connect with bsnl 3g to pc windows 7
    first go to control panal >phone and modam quarry>select modem>properties>advanced> type the following
    pl.change your region if north “bsnlnorth”an ok
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