I have been receiving lots of Vijay (Not Kanth) jokes off late. Just like masks appearing in medical shops when swine flu scare was at its peak, I guess its time for yet another Vijay blade. ‘Vettaikaran’.

A lion is shown in the forest. Lion keeps walking back and forth. There are herds of cattle in front of the Lion, but it is not hunting. Suddenly a fox comes running with a chit. Lion opens the chit and sees the word ‘OK’. And then it rushes towards the cattle. Immediately we show Vijay and a group of dancers dancing under the hot sun in Parangimalai. Since it is a Vijay opening song, it should rhyme with da.

Lion kooda permission ku line la nikkum da
Adhu enga vettaikaaran da
Line cross pannadhe da
T* vittu ippave odi poidu da

Once the title track is over, Vijay is shown as an auto driver. Add some scenes where he is shown as a man with good heart. Especially for bokkai vaai thaatha and paati’s. Heroine two wheeler scooty hits Vijay by mistake. But since she is daughter of powerful man, she puts case against Vijay. Vijay goes to police station threatens the police. And says he will hunt whoever does bad to the society.

Some comedy scenes. Heroine keeps twisting and turning on her bed, thinking about Vijay’s hunting dialogues in the police station. Next day she goes to meet Vijay and says ‘Vettai pathi solra nee autokaaran illai. Vettaikaaran. Naan MTV oda VJ Hunt la kalandhuka poren. Since you are a hunter can you help me?’. They fall in love and Vijay teaches her dance movements, cat walk etc. And there is a room in Vijay’s house which is always locked.

Meanwhile the policeman who got bashed up by Vijay is a kai aal of villain who happens to be the heroines father. They are doing some shady business and the gangmen are beaten up by Vijay frequently. So they have a score to settle with Vijay.

One day accidentally heroine opens the door and we just see her shocked face.


After interval we see the other side of Vijay where he is helping infants in orphanage and also senior citizens in mudhiyor illam. One bokkai vaai thaatha and paati sing a song praising Vijay and all infants sing la la la la. And one of the kids goes choo choo in comedians dress.

Then there are some scenes where villain keeps plotting for Vijay’s downfall and how Vijay overcomes all that. Suddenly it is nobel prize season. And to the surprise of everyone they announce that one Indian has won the Nobel prize for peace. The person who won the price is pazhani.

Who is pazhani?

Flashback. We see an ordinary boy who is having major problems in his house as his parents leave their parents in an old age home. And the school in which he is studying, is used for selling kalla saarayam by local rowdy. The boy is Vijay. Local rowdy is Heroines father. That time Vijay takes an oath (English meaning). He will hunt everyone who stops kids from studying, and whoever sends elders to old age home. His target is to help people with No-pal(Infants and elders). He starts a No-Pal illam for these people. And the people whom heroine saw behind the closed doors were her grand parents who were sent to mudhiyor illam.

Recognizing all this, Pazhani aka Vijay gets nobel prize for his no-pal effort. And he was in disguise to take revenge on the villain.

La la la la

P.S. I havent watched Vettaikaran, nor its trailers.
* – Theatre

63 thoughts on “Vettaikaaran

  1. Dai

    Not long before Vijay fans are here to sing “Naan adichaa thaanga maataa…4 maasam thoonga maataa”. I am the Escape from here!

  2. SP,

    To write a review for Vijay’s movie you need not watch his movie.

    He became the substituteless original piece comedian of Tamil cini industry. It is right to give this piece a Peace Oscars or whatever award that Mr.Ferrari is suggesting.

  3. You can probably use these songs too

    1) Naan nadicha thaanga matta 4 maasam thoonga matta.

    2) Kali kalam muthi pochu aaduthu indha staru,
    staru illa staru illa onnam number vethu daaru

    3) en uchi mandaiyla surru nguthu..
    (ithu oru kasu koduthu padam pakka ponavan padinatha pakkalam)

  4. Yenna Prabhu…ippadi school seniora pottu Kalaaikkareenga…Nyayama…

    Naanga etho vaithu poippu…pilim kaatteettu sutharom…

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