Mayilsamy detained at Renigunta station

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Breaking news: In yet another celebrity detention, tamil actor Mayilsamy was detained in Renigunta station. Andhra and TN CM to open statues in respective states!

Mayilsamy has confirmed to ‘Machi TV’ that he was indeed detained at Reningunta station. Mayilsamy said I even tried telling the railway police officials that ‘Enakku Mamtava theriyum’. But unfortunately they had seen the telugu dubbing of that Vivek movie and asked me back with trademark telugu tamil of ‘Aamava?’ followed by ‘Avangalukku unna theriyuma?’.

Mayil said he was detained because he had a common name and if I could mention the reason why I was in Renigunta. I could not convince them that since I did not get a direct ticket to Tirupati in Saptagiri express I had to travel unreserved in Mumbai express, get down at Renigunta and catch a bus to Tirupati. In fact there were some I-know-tamil-I-know-telugu guys from chitoor in the interrogation room who could vouch for me.

Mayilsamy said he was taken to a different room where other unreserved passengers were waiting. I tried sending messages to Sun Music, Isaiaruvi etc. It took me almost 2 hours. Later Mr Mayil said he was released after someone had a thiruttu VCD of the movie Dhool and the police officials watched it. Mayil also said ‘I am fine with this as am popular. I really felt bad for other unreserved passengers who were being checked for this independence day security.’ I do not understand why they should check actors?

Throughout the chat with Machi, Mayil was his usual self and did mimicry like YSR, Naidu etc and never lost his sense of humor. When we asked him if he could manage to get laddu from Tirupati, he said ‘I have Jilebi’ if you want.

Union Minister Ambika Soni was furious at this incident and said that all Tamilnadu policemen should detain telugu comedians. Since this issue could snowball into something major, TN CM Dr MK and Andhra CM Dr YSR met to resolve this issue. Late reports suggest that it has been decided to open a statue of Mayilsamy in Ongole and of Telugu comedian Brahmanandam in Vathalagundu to improve the relationship between the two states. Hindu Ram is getting ready with a boring 7 paragraph editorial on how this is going to be useful.

58 thoughts on “Mayilsamy detained at Renigunta station

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  2. idhuvum timing… Mayilsaamy’s friends chinni Jayanth, Vadivelu have expressed their views, ” if it cud happen to global star Mayilsamy, it can happen to any other tamilian” .. Cab10 vijaykant has asked southern railways to stop all trains coming from AP to TN..

  3. And the local actress has asked us all to ‘get real’. For Mr.Mayilsamy is a global icon.

    And i wonder, if the types of Mayilsamy were detained for operating on multiple identities. You know..they are known to advertise for cars called i10…i-20 !

    Onnu inge irukku. Michum engae ?

  4. Hahaah, hilarious..

    Oops, I mean, how horrific! A tamil actor detained! And that too an actor! How can this be done. Lets bomb some country. (All this said while wiping the froth from my mouth!)

  5. hahaha..
    talking above to your disclaimer, Khan is not new to enquires. Once, he was taken into a long Q/A session by indian intelligence themselves regarding his connection with underworld. If US guys question him whom he is gonna meet in US, it makes sense fully.

  6. ha ha .. cool.. 🙂
    Heard that MR.Mayil has told machi tv , that telugu people need to more warmth .. ( Enna rendu kambili, sweater poduma ? )

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