aNu aLavum bayam illai

aNu aLavum bayam illai
How would you react if MK Azhagiri addresses a conference on ‘Apple iPhone’ instead of Steve Jobs? Or if Loose Mohan writes the foreword for a book on DK Pattammal?

Thats the feeling one gets after watching the program ‘aNu aLavum bayam illai’ on Vijay TV. The program is like this. There are a bunch of TV artistes, who are supposed to perform some acts of bravery. Bravery does not mean dare to ask MK or Yedyurappa if Cauvery problem is going to be resolved. Or ask JJ if she would like to watch ‘Crazy thieves in Palavakkam’.

Fun apart, are they going to conquer ‘Mount Everest’? No. They don’t even conquer St Thomas Mount.
They have to do things like cross from one wall to another with help of a rope (Add a dozen helpers, ambulance for emergency situation, bed and sand cushion in case they fall down). So if you jump from one wall to other, then you are brave and you have no fear. There are some more amazing games like walking on a narrow wooden plank for 50 metres (Ofcourse with a lifeguard and 10 people around). If you do all this you are brave.

Funniest part is they replay (With english ezhavu music) when someone commits a mistake, as if it is the magic ball that bowled Mike Gatting. One soplaangi lady fell down from 3 feet and sprained her ankle. Immediately ambulance rushed in and she was interviewed from within the ambulance. That peter soplangi spoke as if she sustained a major injury while conquering mount everest.

As usual this program is aruthufied(anchored) by Anu Hassan, with amazing running commentary, who thinks wearing all black means being brave. Well only a brave person will wear all blacks in Chennai( Please exclude men in black like captain). Watching Hollywood movies in Tamil is a much more braver act than what these clowns do.

Did I tell you that this program is sponsored by some Parvathy hospital who specialize in Orthopedic treatment? Maybe Kilpauk Mental Hospital should have sponsored this program.

‘aNu aLavu bayam illai’ should have been named as ‘thuLi kooda mooLai illai’. Rejetted!

65 thoughts on “aNu aLavum bayam illai

  1. LOL! My sympathies 🙂

    It’s so good to see you writing again. Hope you keep at it. The humor’s still there and it’s definitely refreshing.

    I know that sounds like am surprised, but actually am just relieved 😛

  2. What the hey! I am seeing Battlefield Manassas and Ankle braces ads in your post?! *blink*
    That’s like personalizing acc to where I the IP’s coming from?

    *damn! the lack of privacy!

  3. Rads,
    🙂 Sure, I will start again. And hasn’t google ads been like this for sometime?

    He he 😀

    You are not missing anything. For all known reasons someone might have recorded this in youtube!

  4. I have to agree with the new title that u’ve given.. And I wonder why that all these “reality” shows revolve around the chinna-thirai artistes..and don’t even get me started on Anuradha Sriram’s anchoring that song show..

  5. soplangi lady … hahahaha .. why are they even trying to mimic reality shows from axn .. it just doesn’t fit .. tamil TV should stop with serials .. !!

  6. Dude.. you had me laugh so much.. I really enjoyed your take on the stupid program. You have a writing skill.. just needs a little bit of honing i guess.. And you way you used the tamil words while i was laughing out so loudly reading those.. great man..

  7. want to conduct till more risky activities like
    filling a tank and [for example] tieing santhosi leg and hand with strong thread and when the tank was fully filled put santhosi inside it and close it and drop the key inside the tank and want to tell all the participantes that there is only one key and it is also drop in water tank one who take the key can come out and drop sathosi inside by tieing legs and hands in the tank and close it and drop the duplicate key inside she should untie her leg and hand inside the water filled tank if she opened the tank by taking the key within 40 sec no promblem if she sinks open the by using another key and save her if she say s iwill take the key and come out leave her and see weather she is alright after 40 sec inepisode u should do it

  8. When they named the show “Anu alavum bayam illai’ it sounded like a nice play of words considering that Anu Haasan is hosting the show. But when you actually see Anu Haasan’s size, it makes you wonder how much is “anu alavu”? Yemaam size la irukaanga baa!

    And Sundays aana, avangale vandhu oru cookery show la light calorie sandwiches senji kaatraanga! Now, thats what you call bravery 🙂

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