Karnataka Waterfalls 001

Since Cauvery is overflowing ,last weekend, we(purusan and pondaati) had been to Shivanasamudra. Ok?

Karnataka Waterfalls 067
* It is around 120 kms from Bangalore (It also depends on where you are in Bangalore)
Karnataka Waterfalls 117Karnataka Waterfalls 134
* There is lots of water, and I suppose it should be the same for next 1 month at least.
* Only 1 hotel in Gaganachukki. So it is better to pack your own food.
Karnataka Waterfalls 011Karnataka Waterfalls 019
* Whilst going, we went via Maddur and on the way back we came via Kanakapura Road. Maddur to Malavalli is bad (Not very bad). Otherwise the roads are good.
Karnataka Waterfalls 164
* Kanakapura road (NH209) is very good from Bangalore to Kanakapura and from Kanakapura to Malavalli. In Kanakapura the roads are stolen by someone. In case you know who stole them, please inform the police.
Karnataka Waterfalls 165Karnataka Waterfalls 090
* If you are visiting Shivanasamudra, ensure that you view the waterfalls at Barachukki, behind the Dargah and also at Gaganachukki.
*In case you pack your food, beware of monkeys. (I meant the ones with the tail. Not the ones which try to jump or overtake you when you are climbing down the rocks)


Onward journey route:

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Return Journey route:

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42 thoughts on “Shivanasamudra

  1. Your post came as a nice reminder.
    I was planning Blr-Mys-Wynd drive last weekend and after seeing your post, i modified the plan to accommodate Shivanasamudra as well on the way! 🙂 ..and it was very nice as we were there early.

  2. HI,

    We are a team of 20 people planning to go to shivanasumudra,talakadu & Somnathapura on August 15 2009, kindly let me know which road is good to reach this places.



    Bangalore-badadi-maddur- malavalli
    my e mail Id is



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  5. Very Nice picture…Very beautiful place to be..

    I dont understand one thing so much water Karnataka has still fight with AP to release water.ALL THESE water needs to be utilized well and stored so every place in India can be so beautiful.can u please send these to Karnataka CM.


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  14. hi prabhu, how r u. how is ur wife. un shivasamudram trip fotos remembering my trip to tht places…. i went there somewhere around 5-6yrs back……..nice fotos…

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