Thygaraja theatre cycle parking is safer

I need to reach Chennai tonight. The train is late by 3 hours. I wonder if I should walk in to Bangalore city station, find an empty engine and drive it till chennai.

Though it might sound like a Vijayakanth movie scene, something like that has already happened.

Is it that easy to steal a train?

39 thoughts on “Thygaraja theatre cycle parking is safer

  1. Seems like it is. For all you know this could have been one of them that you see on screen.

    Convering the distance in a fraction of the time it usually takes…mysterious man… who just vanishes into thin air…

    Huh !

  2. LOL…that was a funny post. Interesting blog on the whole. Maybe you should try stealing one sometime…did captain ever do that?? My first time here, I am going to link you up and come back for more 🙂 Do visit mine when you have the time.

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