44 thoughts on “7 1/2 country saturday begins

  1. truly ungalai aamodikkarein anna… but I feel JJ as chief minister is a million times better than thata as cheap minister 😛

  2. Why to have pre-conceived notions about anyone as PM or CM even before giving them a chance? For eg. Lalu, who was derided as CM of Bihar, became famous & was touted as the Turnaround-man of Indian Railways when he became the Railway Minister. Even IIM-wallahs heard his lecture in rapt attention.

    Who knows, Mayawati may turn-out to become the Best PM India has ever had (!)

  3. Ithavida, Making Putchi Thalavali J.K.Riteesh as Ramanathapuram canditate is the worst thing happening ever.
    Mudiyala !

  4. I prefer combination 1 , even though it will hurt to watch India at the hands of those bunch of witches. But at least it will be tolerable than Azhagiri’s shining glass.

  5. Back after really long time. Kudos on all the new blogs!! Esp
    loved the title of this blog..!!

    A agree with the others on JJ becoming CM instead of that mango head. With regs the others… god forbid! 🙁

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  10. Why to have pre-conceived notions about anyone as PM or CM even before giving them a chance? For eg. Lalu, who was derided as CM of Bihar, became famous & was touted as the Turnaround-man of Indian Railways when he became the Railway Minister.

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