What on earth?

I received quite a few forwards and text messages on this earth hour. I do not understand one thing. It makes sense to switch off the electrical equipments if you get uninterrupted power supply for the entire 365 days. When that is not the case, and when BESCOM(Replace with your local electricity board) plugs out 1 hour on an average every day why on earth should I switch off?

Earth day concept in India is Rejetted!

57 thoughts on “What on earth?

  1. Ofcourse. Ofcourse. And i know of places where electricity courses the wires for about three hours a day !

    The Sydney opera house can shut its life. For the rest of us where there is a dark opera on…. well, let there be light !


  2. Actually for us all day is earth day. But this extended power outage on earth day is to say the world that “we honor earth day more than anybody else”

  3. This was planned by some dacoits. If they could get some entire colonies to go pitch dark, ore naalla avanga settle aayidalaaam…..

  4. All this Earth Hour or Earth Day, etc. are nothing but B.S. propaganda by these NGO morons. Like the Human Rights Activists always support the terrorists (as against their hapless & innocent victims) & hog the limelight in the media, these Earth Day-tists(!) are also craving for media attention & doing nothing constructive. No useful purpose can be served either by these Morons or their gimmickry.

    So, as a mark of my protest against these morons, I have SWITCHED ON EXTRA LIGHTS (than usual) in my house & ensured that no one switched off their lights in our area.

  5. Meendum innoru murai DMK vandhal, Tamilnattil endrume earth day thaan :).. See we are pioneers in this..

  6. Yes of course we have 2 hours power cut everyday. Other than using this as a reason to comment on Earth Hour negatively, we can think of reasons why we are not blessed with uninterrupted power supply round the year and how can we achieve it.

    Instead, we spend the regular power cut hours cursing our government, ruling party, ministers, officials and whoever we can. But during the Earth Hour, as I am doing it for a reason, I am thinking about it – the climatic change and Global warming and will act upon it. And as a whole, this will attract the attention of governments, politicians to do something about it. And it makes real sense for me to switch off all the lights contributing to the Earth Hour, besides regular power cuts.

  7. Ji, neenga seriya sonenga ji. Neenga rejetted solla ji, enakku college nyabagam varudhu ji. Everything was rejet rejet rejet :-).

    I read in the previous post ji, that you really liked being called ji, because of a certain ji tv ji program ji 🙂

    Awesome posts man (this and previous!).

  8. I wish BESCOM should cut power between 9 to 10pm, because this is called as WASTE hour, people will not watch program like KOLANGAL, ARASI, AirtelSS and much more.

    We guys just contribute more than others in the world by switching off our office monitors, not just yours also your next cubical monitor.

    I have a question: How only one hour in 365 days can save earth?????

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