Airtel pathetic programmer

I have seen lots of people rave about Airtel Supersinger (Senior, junior, subjunior etc). Initially I was also impressed by the programme and the quality of the singers. But later I realized it is also a mega serial. Some of the reasons this programme is pathetic are below

1. It never ends. We are in March 2009, and ‘Airtel Supersinger 2008’ is going on.

2. No one gets rejected. You can get rejected, and later come back as wild card, get re-rejected, get another wild wild card, get re re re rejected and so on.

3. How many rounds? Organizers are breaking their head to come up with new rounds. I won’t be surprised if they start a new round called as ‘yawn round’ in which they ask the singers to yawn. And the person whose yawn resembles closest to that of a fox howling is termed as the winner.

4. Drama. More than the talent of the singers the focus is always on ‘Why chinmayi is not hosting the show any more?’

5. Raginishree. What on earth is the controversy surrounding her? Why so much attention on her?

6. In what way it is different from Kolangal or Arasi? One guy was almost eliminated in western round. But he was given a second chance. But to see if he is good, all the people who had already qualified were asked to sing again. I think even K Balachandar’s movie relationships are clearer than the rules for Airtel Supersinger

7. Compering. Stupid accent. Calling everyone ji. I ji got ji bore ji of ji seeing ji everyone ji being ji referred ji as ji ji.

I think watching Sundar C scream ‘Hindustan petroleum la Hindukaluku mattum dhaan petrol podraangala’ once in 15 minutes is more entertaining than watching Airtel SuperSinger.


65 thoughts on “Airtel pathetic programmer

  1. Agreee.. it has become yet another mega serial …. I was so much relieved to actually see someone get eliminated yesterday after such a loooong time… And it has become so predictable,the comments from the judges .. I just hope they end this program …. it has become one hour of yawn

  2. I guess you can’t rate it as pathetic yet.. Quality is still good.. But I do agree that its indeed getting draggy..

  3. The bad thing about the ‘ji’ disease is that it’s highly contagious… just hate it… I hate it even more when Malini pronounces PAdal as Paudal…

    Airtel Sooper Singer, Kanni Theevu, Hanumar Vallu..

  4. I totally agree with you. I really dont undertand the concept of wild cards, that too more than one occasion. I am not regular, so it makes me more confused when someone who already got rejected couple of weeks back sings again.

  5. And i wonder why they have those dancers around ! I mean, this is a Super Singer contest right !?!

    TRP ratings have become the excuse ! But i wonder if they are keeping track of how many people switch off !?!

    But with Airtel sponsoring, they would mind the drop offs. For they are far too experienced in dropping calls !


  6. Hilarious. A change of the ellam therinja judges panel would do a lot more good to the program. Srinivas and Sujatha suck more than any other aspect of the show for me.

    Airtel super singera vidunga, andha last line-la oru bayangaramana dialogue irukke, adhu endha padam? Pul arichu sethu poyitten!

  7. “I agree with you..and i don’t like the way they speak especially unni’s “nanaa paadineyl” and all the others follow him with “nanaa paadinaan” “azhashindu vantha”..i still wonder why on earth these people use their homie lingua in a common place i suppose vijay tv should come up with another version of tamizh pechu engal moochu as “thamizh peshungo pranatha vitrungo”.. :(* “

  8. Besides the listed reason & biased comments from the judges, I have the sneaking suspicion that the camera man of the show has something seriously to do with someone in the seated audience. Because I could see camera frequently zoomed to some particular person in the audience. Quite rummy sometimes to see a strange girl’s face, when the singer is seriously singing in the podium.

    Malini’s Ji word sounds difficult to bear but not as hard as the comperes of some dance shows frequently say the word “Master”. For me the latter strain my eardrum more.

  9. all of you seem to dislike the programme, but how come you people know so much about the show….? Vaenda veruppa paakkareengala? all these days, i thought that those who watched these shows were only friends and relatives of participants….

  10. I am watching this program just for jetti… sorry just for raginisree. Thanks for Vijay TV to bring her back. I hope Vijay TV will make Raginisree as Super Singer 2008.

    Prabhu, we think this is a program for singers, actually this is a beauty program. They will also do Singing and Dancing etc.,

  11. well said anna 🙂 I could any day watch captain’s movie instead of sappa singer.. sorry super singer.. so boring it is right now 🙁

  12. Well, then guys, get a life and watch something else! Why watch a program that makes you go nuts? I see people posting in forums again and again commenting about how it sucks week after week. If you hate it so much, why take the pain. STOP PICKING!

  13. to whomsoever it may concern!!!
    whts rong in unnikrishnan talking lik tht???
    i seriously don c anythin wrong in tht…
    he s not doing it on purpose…. thts how his lingo is…
    wen u can accept ‘ji’ in a tamil programme y not this?
    accept the reality…nt evryone comes frm the same background n speaks the same way… stop being biased!


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