Villu – Review

Naidu Hall Salesman
You are spoilt, if you watch or intend to watch this movie. So please do not mind the spoilers that are there in this review. It does not make any difference if you know or do not know the plot.

Seldom does one get to know what a movie has in store, just by looking at the title card. In Villu, director P.Deva tries to warn the audience by going in for the song ‘Achcham enbadhu madamayada, anjamai dravidar udaimaiyada’. I think he wanted to actually say ‘Indha padam paaka vandhu irukkiye. Nee oru madayan da’.

Before watching Villu, you might not know what genre this movie belongs to. But when you see a group of police officers walking towards a conference room, where the chief displays the photo of a terrrorist (To be frank he looks like a NRI posing for tamilmatrimony) and says Interpol wants to catch him, you get to know that it belongs to Mokkai genre.

Having accomplished the genre, director P.Deva focuses on the intro scene for the hero. As usual there are some bad guys who have no job but to err do bad things. So Vijay comes flying through a street to rescue the people. On the way, its quite windy and he is completely covered with davanis and duppattas. One lady asks ‘Who is this? Spider man or Super Man’. Another lady says ‘Pokkiri Man’. Honestly he actually looks like NaiduHall sorry Naihaa man in this getup. Bad guy tries to be a duchadhanan and strips vijay out of these davanis and duppattas.

Next comes the intro song for Vijay. ‘Rama rama rama kitta villa kaetten. Bheema kitta gadhayai kaetten’. Paavam producer. Padam edukaradhukku munnadi P.Deva kitta kadhayai kaettaro? Anyways Vijay proves to be Naihaa brand ambassador, by needlessly showing his azhukku banian in the middle of the song.

When the villain comes to India in a cargo ship Vijay helps him by identifying the police who are dressed like workers in the port. How does Vijay identify the police? Just by looking at their shoes. Its brown in color. What a logic eh? Later we have Nayan taking bath in lake, Vijay making fun of her, she getting irritated. In many of these scenes, Vijay is seen wearing some nice spaghetti tops below his shirt. I personally feel it would have suited Nayan than Vijay.

At many stages in the movie you can understand what went through the mind of the cinematographer. Ayya thaanga mudiyalada saami must have been his reaction, as the camera oscillates needlessly at umpteen no of times in the movie. It’s all a maze typical to Vijay movies. After spending many sleepless nights, I think I have deciphered the user manual for a Vijay movie

1. Vijay is a porukki
2. Vijay’s lover hates him initially
3. Vijay’s lover is somehow associated with Vadivelu
4. Vijay fights villain (PrakashRaj)
5. Vijay sings duet with lover
6. Vijay makes fun of Vadivelu
7. Repeat steps 4,5 and 6 in same or different order
8. Insert Amma sentiment
9. Insert flashback (In this movie, Vijay’s dad was a sincere army officer)
10. Lover knows truth
11. Vijay is not actually a porukki, but a sincere police officer or army officer
12. Villain is defeated by Vijay.

Though Villu follows the same formula as mentioned above, one must appreciate P. Deva for his innovations like

1. Store Thirupathi Laddu in swiss bank locker, to cheat Prakashraj
2. Show Vijay in Army uniform, to tell the world ‘Uniform poatta mattum army officer aagida mudiyadhu.’ This was the most hilarious part of the movie.
3. How do you stun the villain who is holding someone as a captive? Break open the head of another villain with wood. The main villain is stunned and loses his weapon.

I wont be surprised if Vijay is Obama(In disguise) in the next movie, who has migrated to Tamilnadu to take revenge against Prakashraj.

62 thoughts on “Villu – Review

  1. Poor prakashraj !. Just because he agreed to act as a villan in Vija’s flick they shouldn’t have abused him with that glorious wig. Quite a shock to see his colorful head.

    Your user manual shows the depth of action heroes’ atrocities in movies. Heartless fellows !!!

  2. Reviewing vijay films are always foolish peoples job.even you too joined in that review in upcoming films too and get rewarded as fool.

  3. Vijay as Obama ! I am already thinking of George Bush…and Hillary Clinton ! And wonder who will play those roles !!

    In the days of recession, naihaa and such other stores better get other ways of product promotion !

  4. Welcome back!!

    “Naan kadavul” madhiri padathukku review ezhutharatha vittu, odanja villukku review ezhuthara ungala ennanu solla:)

  5. PS Kavi: In case you forgot Padmasri Kamal beat anybody else to playing George Bush in Tamizh padams.

    And Ferrari, to prove all the detractors wrong, please go ahead and write a review for all time Mokkai hit ‘gaptun padam’ “Sudeshi”. At least it ll reek of patriotism in all frames unlike Villu 😉


  6. U cud add this to the user manual as well anna… in 11 outta 10 movies vijay overtakes either a train, an aeroplane or AT LEAST is rocket 😛

  7. Hi Prabhu,

    Welcome back after a looong time…

    nice review on ‘kollu’ I mean ‘villu’ …but I felt the prabhu punch missing ….

    welcome back again…

  8. Intha movie naan teater le poi parthen… 😀

    I had a good laugh and I dont have to use my brain to analyse anything in the movie. It was realxing actually to watch this kind of movie rather than watching movies like Naan Kadavul (very disapointing movie) or Vaaranam Aayiram (what happened to moral values?) where they try to preach lot of things and its sickening actually.

  9. good to see u, but the X factor that i always notice in your boochandi article is missing. this was a bit bland

  10. with vikraman, sarathkumar, ramarajan, gapten etc are planning to release movies, i believe prabhu’s hands will be full…………

  11. Prabhu,

    You have forget few things about this film,

    Vijay fly in the sky holding plane’s wing.
    Vijay goes in to underwater and fight.
    opening the Swiss locker when XRay beem is seen only with a special goggle.
    Talking to a duplicate prakash raj.

  12. Ha ha … I recently took a Facebook Quiz called “Which stupid Tamil hero are you?” and got Ilayathalapathy Vijay. The Bakery (Pokkiri) lollu sabha episode was hilarious!

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