34 thoughts on “ARR Wins!

  1. Well deserved! What a night for Slumdog! Got 4 nominations and won all of them! With GGs being a precursor to the Oscars, the buzz for this movie is getting stronger. But with the GGs failing to predict the Oscar winners for the past 4 years, I wish it changes this year.

  2. I watched the Live telecast here in local channel.. It was fabulous.
    He was being modest with a thanks to God !.

    Now i just hope he gets through to Academy awards too .

  3. Well,if the Oscar comes his way, it would be a real treat !

    I only wonder if this would give Oscar Ravichandran some sleepless nights !


    Time to celebrate for now !

  4. Whaattt aaa Win and how humble our genius is..

    Thanks to Ilayaraja, who sent out ARR from his troop and fought with Maniratnam at the same time.. Otherwise we wont have this genius holding the Golden Globe..

    Ilayaraja is a genius as well..

    Tamil film industry should be lucky to have them both in the same period..

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  6. ஃபெராரிக்கு ஸ்பெஷல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்!
    இரண்டு ஆஸ்கார் அவார்ட் உமது ரஹமானுக்கு!!
    ஆமாம் சைட் என்ன புட்டுக்கிச்சா? ஜனவரி
    12 தேதிக்குப் பிறகு ஒரு போஸ்ட் கூட இல்லையே!!

  7. I did not get to watch the oscar telecast live…I read the new on yahoo…Nice one for ar…There is no stopping him from now on…I wont be surprised if any international bands signs him up to produce music for them…

  8. ennadhu innum prabhu oscar pathi oru post podaleye ??

    a die hard arr fan, your fans are expecting a post from you man..

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