Mumbai Attacks

Shivraj Patil has resigned.

Patil told the meeting that as the Home minister he “takes the responsibility and whatever the CWC decides, I am ready
to do,” they said.

Idhellam oru government. Indha aalu ellam home minister! And indha government support panradhukkunu irukka pseudo secular naainga! Kashtam!

30 thoughts on “Mumbai Attacks

  1. Now big comedy is they are going to make current FM as new HM. Oru subject-la fail aayitathanaala, adutha subject eduthukrathukku ithu enna university degree programs-a ?

    Have u seen the coverage of mafia media? worst in worst they are. Ithula dinamalar website prouds about it hitrates when the attacks have started. Romba kashtam.

  2. And ippadi oru attack nadakum bodhu “This is worse than the parliament attack” nu solra opposition naingala pathi onnume solla thonaadhe. Rendu naal munnadi varaikum thittitu ippo irandha piragu panam kudukaraen nu avanga bravery-aiyum sacrifice-aiyum kevala paduthina naai pathi onnume solla thonaadhe! 🙂 Obv..its ur blog!

  3. Dhanya,
    Ofcourse it is worse than the parliamentary attack. And adha attack pannavangala sila naainga raja mariyadhai koduthu encourage panradha enna solradhu? 🙂 Opposition politicize panradhu thappu dhaan. But that is a side effect. Main reason for this attack is the UPA government. Not the opposition.

  4. Excuse me?? I am no ways supporting UPA government. This attack is horrible and the HM is a disgrace agreed. Aaana this is star hotel and it was near sea-side. But parliament is in the centre of our capital city. That was a bigger security lapse than a hotel attack!! C’mon ferro…ya shud know it. Number of casuality idhula jaasthi naalum security lapse nu partha that was much bigger!!! And main UPA mattum illa. Raj thackarey, RSS, VHP ellorume. India kullaye prechanai erpaduthi thalavali kuduthu sandai podara time-la…enemy ulla nulainju naasam pannittaan. Opposition crisis time layuma unite pannama politics pannuvanga?? UPA definitely holds a bigger responsibility but opp indha time la support kurai solradhu wont help. Ullaiye biharis-aiyum tribal ppl-aiyum konnutu irundha evan vandhu bomb poda maataan.

  5. Dhanya,

    1. When the parliament attack has taken place, it was repulsed by he security forces within a few hour(s). Unlike the 62 hours it took NOW to repulse the Mumbai Seige.
    2. Because there was POTA at that time, the NDA Govt. brought the perpitrators to justice well in time & the main culprit has been sentenced to death by the highest court of the land.

    On the contrary, this UPA non-Govt. has the dubious distinction of spear-heading the EIGHT MAJOR TERRORIST ATTACK IN INDIA IN 2008 ALONE. yes Sir. the Mumbai siege is the eighth feather on UPA Govt.’s Cap in 2008.

    All this inspite bec the UPA under Sonia wants to appease Muslims and for that reason willing to go to any extent – even subverting India’s security – to achieve. Thats why today, we Indians, have to face such a huge hit to our Pride & Prestige un the world stage.

    As far as Modi giving Rs. 1 crore to Karkare is concerned, it is a stunt & I don’t find anything wrong in it. When psudo-secularists can try to paint him wrongly he has every right to retaliate against them thru their own coins.

    After all, Karkare’s wife has upstaged Modi with her own stunt, you know. May be Teesta Setalwad is advising her from behind.

  6. Ferrari and Arunachalam,

    I dont want to take this argument any further, considering we have different views but I do have a few things to say.

    Afzal Guru should be hanged. All those who were asking for his clemency should be asked to get lost. No second opinions on that. Sonia Gandhi supporting SIMI is ridiculous so is BJP supporting ppl responsible for Malegaon blasts.

    But about the parliament attack being brought to control within a few hours, the security personnel were already in place. If i am not wrong i remember ’twas the VP’s security who offered the initial resistence and anyways it was the parliament with lots of high profile politicians including LK Advani still inside so all their security were already there. So it was easier to control. Secondly there was no hostage situation. Had they taken a few politicians as hostages god knows how it wud have been handled. The security lapse was huge as i said earlier considering the HM of the nation was still inside. TAJ or Oberoi or Nariman house situation is completely diff. Honestly i am not a mumbaikar but still i dun think there would be a lotta mumbaikars who knew about Chabad house in mumbai. Did you see where it was? Wid hostages in such a place what do you expect? Go in blast all terrorists?? It was a difficult operation and plz give NSG their due!

    And the parliament attack perpetrators were brought to book by NDA, yes sir! Prolly this guy Qasab wud be given a death sentence too, who knows. May be Arundhati Roy will will talk for his sake too, who knows. But thats not the point here. It was the intelligence lapse that caused such huge damage. That is what I am talking about.

    I do agree congress under Sonia goes for minority appeasement and that they are pseudo seculars. But at the same time all those ppl who attacked mumbai were from a diff country. And indian muslims died in those attacks too for God’s sake! We cant blame Indian muslims for what happened. Dont you think we indians have a common enemy. All indian muslim terrorist organizations should be banned but this was not indians who did it this time!

    And thirdly, you call Hemant Karkare’s wife refusing money from Narendra modi a stunt huh? 🙂 I have no words for you. A man died fighting terrorists, and you expect the man’s wife to take money from a politician who had been criticizing him only a couple of days ago. Stunt, really!! I would have expected a little more sensitivity there!! Let him play his political stunts esp when every tom, dick and harry does that, but to insult someone’s sacrifice the way he did was disgusting!!

    All that said, I am sorry ferro for using up your space. Our thoughts are radically different. May be we will not concur at all on this issue. But there’s onething I do agree, UPA has let down the country by being so soft on terror and by backing such an incompetent HM. But I dun have much hopes for the next government, quite obv BJP, either. hanging ppl is not what I want. Saving ppl is what i want. Period.

  7. Dhanya,

    //But at the same time all those ppl who attacked mumbai were from a diff country.//

    Let us not become too sure about that so soon. None of us know what surprises/shocks the coming days & weeks may hold for us.

    I am not denying that in both cases – parliament attack & mumbai siege – it was the singular failure of intelligence(?) agencies or the lack of follow-up action on their intelligence, if at all there was any – which are the root causes for the mayhem.

    Having said that, I have no hesitation in accusing the UPA Govt.’s lack of speed in responding to the crisis by quickly sending the NSG. In fact, reports emerge now that the HM bearucrats sat on a file for sanctioning a special aircraft for NSG which could have helped matters in the tragedy now.

    I understand NSG had to operate with their hands tied – sort of – when there were civilian hostages & they have done whatever best they could under the circumstances. But, what I meant when I said this operation took more than 62 hours to contain was, the singular failure of intelligence agencies run by the UPA Govt. for the last 4 years to even smell something out of this massive operations conducted by the Islamic Terrorists which, now it emerges, that was being planned meticulously with even a recce having been done in the same hotels about 4 months back.

    I accuse the UPA Govt. & Sonia of misusing all the State intelligence for eves-dropping on opposition politicians & trying to FRAME HINDU OUTFITS in order to portray them as no different from Islamic Terrorists. Thus, these intelligence agencies did not concentrate on protecting the country. As I am NOT A PSUDO-SECULAR INDIAN, I have no hesitation in saying these terrorists are Islamic Terrorists. It does not mean I don’t respect Muslims in general. I am not saying Muslims are all terrorists but All These Terrorists are Muslims. There is a huge difference between the two.

    Reg. your disappointment that there were no hostages in Parliament attack last time, what to do. I think we are destined to suffer our politicians for some more time, I suppose.

  8. Prabhu its time for a he/she..

    all of us are knocked off watching these news channels all week and arguing the obvious…

  9. When BJP was in power there was no dearth of terrorist attacks. Both this govt and the opposition (when in power) have been inept in preventing terrorism. Let’s face it the Indian foreign minister was traveling with that jaish-e-mohammed chief to Afghanistan when the BJP was in power. Later that bastard masterminded the parliament attack.

    Congress needs Muslim votes and they have no qualms catering to the lowest common denominator. The thing that depresses me is that this rut seems to have affected even institutions like national guard and army. I read that the israeli counter terrrorism chief was watching in bewilderment about the indian forces who instead of storming and bringing the incident to an end were playing some sort of hide and seek. And also the fact that our forces had inadequate technology.

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  11. Finally, there seems to be raw anger. The urban keyboard wielding corporate Indian is angry ! Angry enough to walk on the street and shout (however obscure it may seem ) ‘enough is enough’ !

    Well, thats a new beginning perhaps. Lets see for how long it lasts !

  12. “And let no one tell us we need more laws. We need men to implement those that we have. Today all our institutions and processes are failing us. We have compromised each of them on their values, their robustness, their vision and their sense of fairplay. Now, at every crucial juncture we depend on random acts of individual excellence and courage to save the day. Great systems, triumphant societies, are veined with ladders of inspiration. Electrified by those above them, men strive to do their very best. Look around. How many constables, head constables, sub-inspectors would risk their lives for the dishonest, weak men they serve, who in turn serve even more compromised masters? ”

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