He and She are engaged and about to get married. He calls She

He: Hey. Enna aachu. You are not online today?
She: Hey. Painter has come home for whitewashing. So, whole house is in kind of mess. Adhaan online varalai
He: Oh! Hmmm. Hey. Will you be going to a beauty parlour before the reception or before the wedding?
She: Ofcourse before reception. Wedding munnadi poana homam la ellam oru madhiri aagidum. Adhu irukkatum. Thideernu yaen idha ellam kaekkare?
He: Illai. I wanted to ask this for a long time. But I kept forgetting. The moment you said whitewashing, I was reminded of it!
She: !!!!!

48 thoughts on “veLLaikari

  1. hahahahaha… atlast oru he-she…

    Ippo ellam guys than athigama porangha pola to beauty parlour… illathi foundation faced Surya ivlo maari irukka mudiyuma?

  2. Ha!!

    “Vanthutangaya Vanthutangaya!!”

    Welcome back Prabhu

    hope to see more He/She ..hey some posts back He and She had a baby!!

    May be flash back !!

    Good one though 🙂

  3. Good One. I have been reading ur bolg, especially He-She posts for quite sometime now. But, this one has taken quite a lot of time to come. Less posts now-a-days.. Busy?

  4. I agree selvi..ippo lam pasanga dan romba jaasti colour conscious aaitu varaanga!!
    Prabhu- Great reading He-She after a long time

  5. Hi Ferrari,

    Your stories are such inspiration for others to start writing true/fantasy stories esp after reading your he-she category. one of my all time favorite read of urs is Gopura Vaasalile !!
    Excellent read !

    Best Regards,

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  7. Aha! Ithu elllam konjam too much aa illai! Romba thimiru eri pochu na thaan ithu ellam varum…. Konjamavathu ponungala madhikanum… I have no clue why this was a good post.

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