USB Pendant

I have all seen all kinds of USB drives. But I have never come across a USB pendant! What next? earphones on the matching ear rings? And will the pendant and ear rings be connected via bluetooth?

Enga edha vakkaradhunu vevasthai illaiya?

22 thoughts on “USB Pendant

  1. Your blogs will be really soothing on a frustrating day at work. But, nowadays you don’t write much. I (We?) am really missing your he she posts. 🙁

    Keep Writing, a lot!

  2. Techno-jewellery, da! Just like watches have grown much more in recent years and is much more than a device than just to show the time.

    But the thing with these mini-USB drives in the form of watches, pendants is you can easily sneak it into offices and it becomes difficult to detect them.

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