Skagen and Grenen

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Few days back I had been to Skagen along with my friends. Skagen, in Denmark, is the closest town from Grenen which happens to be the northern most of Denmark (If you do not consider Greenland). Another speciality in Grenen is that, North sea and Baltic sea meet over there. Its quite a sight to watch the waves of both the seas meeting.

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We left Göteborg by the morning ship. The ship takes around 3 hours to reach Frederikshavn a coastal town in Northern Denmark. Best part of the trip was the ship journey. To start with I got to see certain parts of Göteborg from water.
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Skagen 111

This is the first time I am traveling by ship. The ship had around 9 decks, with the bottom 3 decks used for car and truck parking. There are quite a few trucks, as this is the shortest way to reach Denmark from Sweden. And they have a huge lounge for truck drivers which can compete with a 5 star lounge. Apart from that there are conference halls, restaurants, casino etc. My favorite area was the top deck, from where one gets to see the sea and the surroundings.
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Once we reached Frederikshavn, we took a train to Skagen(Around 45 minutes). Grenen, is around 4 kms from Skagen and we rented bicycles for this part of the journey. It was wonderful riding a bicycle through this beautiful old town.
Skagen 240Skagen 141Skagen 247
Finally we reached Grenen. It was a bright and beautiful day, and we had a great time playing in water and strolling through the beach. We spent close to 2 hours in this beach. It was really nice standing at the point where North Sea and Baltic Sea meet.
Skagen 157
Baltic sea is cold, whilst North sea is warm. So when you stand at the meeting point, you feel one side is cold while the other side is warm.
Skagen 155Skagen 213
The water was crystal clear, and there were quite a few birds as well. Later, we returned back to Göteborg in the same route.
Skagen 365
By the time, we reached home it was close to midnight. But, it was a wonderful and satisfying day.

Some tips:
Stenaline is the ship company that operates the ships between Göteborg and Frederikshavn. If you book in group, you get extremely cheap tickets. From Frederikshavn, you can take a train or bus(not sure of timings) to Skagen. Just outside the Skagen station you have the cycle rentals. Its better to carry food, if you are vegetarian. Try to take the slow ship and not the superfast one, if you are not accustomed to sea travel.

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