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Lets all be together (With 69 % reservation).

Lets try to maintain our harmony and not let the terrorists win. They can never win (They will get bored of killing Indians after a point of time.)

We must be united against Terrorists (Manchester United?)

The paths of peace and compromise can be complex and difficult. (Yes no one knows it)

The ideologues of terrorism have little respect for human life. They incite violence and mindless destruction. (Really? I thought Terrorists were here to stop India from winning more gold medals)

We should demonstrate our ability to listen to each other, to understand each other and if perceptions do not agree, give to the others the freedom to hold their views. (That is if communists (perceptions do not agree) pull the rug, take help of Amar Singh ( to understand each other )).

With the challenges of increased oil prices and climate change, the question of energy security confronts us. We need to look at energy mixes that are sustainable in the long run and are cleaner sources of energy, gradually making deliberate shift to renewable energy (Like adding new rooms in Rashtrapati bhavan, lighting all rooms every night and decorating them)

Implementation done in a transparent and accountable manner will ensure that welfare schemes reach the genuine beneficiaries in a timely manner. Thus, preventing corruption in our system and enhancing efficiency in governance (Since it is corrupt now, if we implement any good schemes then it wont reach the needy but reach the greedy. So to avoid greedy people getting benefited, lets not implement anything. In this way government will do no wrong).

Technologies increasing efficiency in energy-intensive sectors need to be developed…any contribution to save energy is a step towards environment protection and in saving the wide diversity of flora and fauna on the planet (This can be achieved by demolishing sethu samudram)

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  1. Sonia Gandhi veetla Kakkoos Kazhuvura Kenathi yellam presidentnu okkaara vecha ippadi pesaama pinna yeppadi pesuvaalugalaaam?

  2. Good Sensible comments as usual in your distinct style.Esply Lets all be together (With 69 % reservation).And the one about sethusamudram project.Super

  3. Pick random sentences from some speech (preferably from someone you and a lot others don’t like) and append totally unrelated PJ style comments to them. Is that your idea of humor? Seriously dude, stick to your travelogues. Humor just isn’t your thing!

  4. “Lets try to maintain our harmony and not let the terrorists win. They can never win”

    Idhu ennavo Captain Vijaykanthoda speech-a plagiarize pannina maadhiri irukku 😛

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