War cry

Congress agents err I meant CNN-IBN, have this article on their website as the headline.

“Terrorism continues to rear its ugly head in our midst,” he said in his speech. “It remains the single biggest threat to our stability. We cannot afford to lose the battle against the ideology of hatred and against all those who seek to destroy our social and societal (values),” he was quoted as saying by the agencies.

Is this war cry? Seruppu waru kooda idhoda effective aa irukum. I think Manmohan Singh cannot act like an innocent economist anymore. Eppavo sayam veLuthu poachu.

7 thoughts on “War cry

  1. Ferrari,
    Sayam velutho ponalum, what have we done? We are equally to blame aren’t we? Roadle traffic constable lenthu each and every Govt office varaikum we bribe, use influence and crap. Terrorists can make use of the same thing and get passports, license. Bloody BD migrants get these things in WB and Assam. Epdi? Nambala mathiri somebody has made the Govt so corrupt that people don’t differentiate. Ipdi irukkumbothu, blaming the govt alone is hypocratic to the core.

    We drop waste outside the dustbin and piss all over the city. And yet cry hoarse when cholera strikes. If we don’t change, blaming the govt, our neighbours and every tom dick and harry is just idiocy. Mothalle namba change ana than, mathavangala seruppala adika mudiyum. Hope people get that.

  2. “Congress agents err I meant CNN-IBN” nice dig
    Could have been better if its Congress News Network — Err CNN !! or India’s Biased Network … IBN !!

  3. Well said and very true SRIRAM!

    People like us are also very much responsible. Infact only the uneducated go for voting .Atleast in our parents’ generation many people feel they need to go and vote. In our generation now, no educated person is interested in voting and all that becomes “kalla [nalla] votu” for the undeserving party.

    “Mothalle namba change ana than, mathavangala seruppala adika mudiyum. Hope people get that” — Absolutely correct.

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