Dasavadharam – My view

1. Dasavadharam is a nice movie if you do not assume you are intelligent than Kamalhassan and accept the reality 🙂 As a Kamal fan I was completely satisfied. It was worth the wait.

2. In ‘Indian’ movie there will be a dialogue ‘Sathyam Theatres la Schindlers list nu oru arumayana padam. Theatre la yaarume irukka maatanga. Polaama?’.

3. MMKR, Anbe Sivam etc with which so called intelligent people are comparing this movie to, were flop movies.

The above statements might may or might may not be related.

28 thoughts on “Dasavadharam – My view

  1. naan post pannina msg kaanom? 🙁

    I sokong… I enjoyed the movie… inteligent or not… the movie was good… discovery le tsunami conspiracy theory kaamicha mattum pramatham nnu parpangha… tamil movie le athey sonna yaarukkum puriyala…

  2. Begin quote.

    “Might” is also the past tense of the auxiliary verb “may,” and is required in sentences like “Chuck might have avoided arrest for the robbery if he hadn’t given the teller his business card before asking for the money.” When speculating that events might have been other than they were, don’t substitute “may” for “might.”

    End quote.

  3. I liked it, paisa vassool and loved Kamal’s effort. Anbe Sivam flop, MMKR flop aaa??? I thought it was a smash hit.

    And I did’nt get why u have referred ‘Indian’ movie dialog here? 😀

  4. I liked the movie too. The weirdly tall guy freaked me out, otherwise I was ok with the other roles. And closeups of paati were quite scary. I liked the way he had linked the various characters, the story overall. Pretty convincing effort. The movie cudv done without Asin though 😀

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  6. selvi,
    I dont get you? Whats missing?

    I dont know. I dont think I can write a detailed review unless I watch maybe another 2 times? 😀

    Englees vaadhyar Nilu vaazgha!

    There may be a reason? 😉

    Yes. She was waste. Especially in the opening scene when she tries to express her feelings!

  7. I think it is one of the best movies of kamal… though a couple of characters din fit in very well (out of the 10 he did) …. He has focussed also on many common problems in the society… There are many recent articles stating US is into research for bioweapons… illegally…

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  9. Happa!!!

    Prabhu neenga kudava !!

    Kamal himself has told in an interview, that the movie is just bcos he wants to show him ten different make up ( Source : http://www.thatstamil.com)

    Good Make up :
    1.Rangaraja Nambi
    2.Balram Naidu
    3.Vincent Boovaragavan
    4.Krishnaveni Patti
    5.Avatar Singh
    6.Govindarajan (no make up original kamal)

    Horrible Make up
    1.Mr.Khan ( Face looks awfully big …looks like chappathi dough)
    2.George Bush ( Should wear a name pad that it is bush …looks horrible)
    3.Fletcher ( hmmm ..sort of ok)
    4.Narhasi ( looks more like a chinese guy than Japenese guy)

    Other holes:
    1.Ennanga shoot pannina cancer poyeduma!!!…Enna kodumai saravanan idhu?…come on it is not a mole!! …( I agree with Prabhu… u have to see this in par with Kamal’s intellegence) …in vijaykanth movie, yes ..but not in Kamal’s movie

    2.What is the link between the first 15 minutes and the whole movie ….ok , even if you take the whole movie as a series of events ……

    3. Chaos theory : example – a ball placed at the crest of a hill might roll into any of several valleys depending on slight differences in initial position. ( source: Wikipedia)

    why does he mention this in the beggining of the movie?.. what is the connection?

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  11. It is a mamooth movie of Kamal… initially I thought the movie is a hotch-potch… but the alarming dimensions of the make-ups and improvisation and w\swift-pace of the movie pack you for 3 hours…but for some roles like tall kamal the movie echos diverse views of people and a sweeping hit… Even steven spielberg cannot take such film without even a bit of drag… If Hulk is a smashing hit … then why not 10carnations 🙂 Dasavatharam… Kudos to Kamal

  12. Altho a good movie a lot of things were loopy!!
    One thing i found incredibly unbeleivable was the fact that Balram in the climax seen could see the virus multiplying!!!Its a fact that you can observe viruses only thro electron microscope that operates in vacuum!!:( Obviously the second one is where the cancer gets shot!!argh..tamil masala!!
    There’s however one scene that i really loved- the kamal-george bush asking-Cant we put a nuclear bomb on it??typical!!:)
    Another question i have is that a tectonic fault causes tsunami but does this mean that things that have been sunk in the water circa 12bc also come on land??
    The best probably is the scene when kamal salutes the god in temple!!made me wonder..this is a 50+ guy???
    Probably it has been made by the KAMAL am sure you will have to watch it at least 3 times to even understand the sheer effort!!
    But yeah i agree..Asin constantly screaching ‘perumal’ did get on to my nerves..maybe the scriptwriter has gone way overboard!!
    He probably brought in the chaos theory to reiterate the fact Chozhan’s act of sinking the statue could have led to the tsunami..long shot!!

  13. Prabhu I never expected this kind of a review from you. I see most of the people submitting themselves to it jst coz its a kamal movie. Manasa thottu sollunga, apart from kamal’s genuine effort what was special in the movie. If same thing had been done by some other hero, wil u give the same review (Given tat the hero had shown a performance as equal as kamal).

    Commencing with a narrative speech, the plot claims to draw a line between 12th Century and the present. A line that’s too imaginary and Kamal could never accomplish it with his cut-and-dried screenplay. Other than the first scene, there are two more occasions where the director reminds us that he is actually pulling the movie from 12th century just to make sure that we don’t forget the path. At the end of the film, those scenes didn’t contribute much to the director’s effort in drawing the line neatly

    Humor was chosen to the wrong character. An Intelligence official, who handles such a serious case, interacts with FBI, but he is so foolish, unwise to make senseless comedies at the most inappropriate time. I mean, the film could have been made more interesting if this cop was shown as a kurudhi punal’ kamal/arjun type who is so smart and bright.

    I could feel the extravaganza alone while kamal’s class was evidently missing throughout the film. I see too many people compromise themselves saying ‘don’t expect anything while going in and you ll enjoy the movie to the core’. This just doesn’t make sense at all. Comme on, who will expect the least from a Kamal movie. I mean it’s as good as saying ‘don’t expect the Food to be tasty, you ll like the food’ *Ridiculous*

    There are some more points but if i add them it ll make the already lengthy post bigger

  14. Prabhu, MMKR was not a record breaking hit like Dasavatharam or Sakala Kala vallavan. But calling it a flop is too much!! The movie was an instant hit upon release and was very profitable for its producer, Panchu Arunachalam of P.A. Art Productions. It went on to run 125 days in chennai and 100+ days in other parts of TN. MMKR did fantastic business in Bangalore & Trivandrum too. Ungulukku flopunnu Yaru sonnganga???

  15. wat a colossal waste of time n energy dat movie is !! to my eyes kamal appears to b saying “wearing different kinds of gloop n running around on celluloid = dasavataram, the gr8est epic bla bla ever”.. a very tame end to a lot of expectations (mine, abt kamal’s widely publicized intellect).. and the “vapid heroine syndrome” is turning into an epidemic.. some1 shud put asin out of her misery (if she’s got enuf gray in the top storey to feel miserable ie ! ) 😀 i hope kung fu panda is better..

  16. Before watching Dasavatharam, one has to understand what is meant by chaos theory and randomness.

    Butterfly effect and CHAOS THEORY

    Now in simple terms, chaos in mathematical sense means a small change in the initial condition which will cause a major difference in the outcome after a particular period of time.
    It´s the theory that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that may ultimately alter the path of a tornado or delay, accelerate or even prevent the occurrence of a tornado in a certain location. The flapping wing represents a small change in the initial condition of the system, which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale alterations of events. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. Of course the butterfly cannot literally cause a tornado. The kinetic energy in a tornado is enormously larger than the energy in the turbulence of a butterfly. The kinetic energy of a tornado is ultimately provided by the sun and the butterfly can only influence certain details of weather events in a chaotic manner.
    Now, how Kamal has used this in his movie explains why he shows a small story in the 12th century. Kamal as Rangarajan Nambi is drowned into the sea along with the Lord Vishnu idol, this explains the small change to the natural system as in chaos theory. After a long period of time, this initial change causes a big tsunami at the end of the movie. This may sound very crazy but scientifically this is totally acceptable.
    Lets look at the second part called randomness. Randomness is part of chaos theory. Now this is where Kamal falters big time. His screenplay, in order to explain the whole random interaction of his 10 characters lacks imagination. Kamal’s idea is innovative and his aim is to bring all the random characters he portrayed into a linear script is a very challenging task and that’s exactly where Kamal and his crew forgot about the script and concentrated totally on technical stuff and his makeup. Let’s say this is a simple movie with just one Kamal. Even then it is a challenging task to script and with 10 Kamal characters involved, technical difficulties, make up, the crew restricted themselves to a mediocre script which in the end does not explain clearly the main intent of the movie which is about chaos and randomness. Now when the movie starts, Kamal explains this briefly but for a regular movie buff, that is not enough. He should have explained his intent more clearly.
    Coming to the technical part of the movie, it is above average. You can see there is a lot of patch up work done in some places and graphics are adequate considering Indian standards. The final tsunami scene is not without flaws, but good enough for an Indian movie. If certain people think that the graphics were not very good, no doubt, we must admit, Dasavatharam required a very high end and special CGI. Do we have any idea how much CGI or special effects cost in a Hollywood movies ?.Here are the facts sourced from Hollywood itself.
    The Rise of the Machines, for example, the budget for computer work, including visual effects, creature effects, and special effects, was $USD 28.2 million (120,887,722.10 rupees) It does costs a lot to obtain a real life CGI.
    Technically this movie is a milestone as the whole movie needs computer graphics with various character interacting

    It takes an average of 4 to 6 hours to don a make up for each role and another 4 hours to remove – totalling at least 8 hours just for make up. Acting and shooting commences only after that. We are talking about ten roles here.
    Facial make up for Dr.Kamal was done by Michael George Westmore (Hollywood make up artist) who won an Academy Award for Makeup in MASK and nominated three other times, for 2010 (1984). If he cannot do the best make up, I believe no one else in this world can. Another way of saying this is that the technology is not there yet to do such make up.
    Honestly, what I feel about this movie is, it’s a highly technical movie and there’s a lot of researches and reading to be done before you can actually appreciate or understand fully on what is going on.
    Dasavathaaram is a must watch for those who can sit through and enjoy and think about an intelligent movie, not for the usual tamil film masala lovers. Watch n enjoy

    The history of first part repeats in some form in the second.

    Part1: In this the story revolves around Lord Ranganatha.
    Rangarajan Nambi who is a loyal disciple of Ramanuja Azhwar, tries to protect Lord Ranganatha.
    King Kulothunga, a follower of Lord Siva, compels Nambi to change his religious beliefs and worship Lord Siva instead of Lord Vishnu but Nambi refuses. He punishes nambi which leaves a mark on his forehead. He then orders for the immersion of the statue of Lord Ranganatha along with Nambi into the sea. The king takes him along with Ranganatha on a boat to the sea shore, and drowns him along with Ranganatha into the sea.

    Part2: In this also the story revolves around Lord Ranganatha. Govind, an American scientist tries to protect bio weapon, which eventually goes into Idol, thus he indirectly protecs Ranganatha . A scientist who is a collegue of Govind and follower of different thoughts asks him to change his mind but Govind refuses. For that Fletcher , a former CIA officer turned villain chases him, which leaves a same mark on the forehead of Govind. Fletcher then takes (chases) him to the sea shore, starting with a lorry, on which Govind accidently fells (clue: on the back side of it there is a symbol of lord hari and Ramnujan), then in a train and finally to the sea shore. He drowns govind along with bio weapon and Lord Ranganatha.

    This relating of a past event to the current chaotic incidents also falls under Chaos theory.

    Even we can relate Annachi to that of Lord Krishna.

  17. @ nandini : Just becoz u said the following “I see many people mentioning wat a colossal waste of time n energy dat movie is !! to my eyes kamal appears to b saying “wearing different kinds of gloop n running around on celluloid = dasavataram, the gr8est epic bla bla ever”.. a very tame end to a lot of expectations (mine, abt kamal’s widely publicized intellect) ”

    u should watch Kuselan 5 times…as punishment 😀

    Also “wearing different kinds of gloop n running around on celluloid”
    i think u haven’t watched Mr.Rajinikanth’s films
    till now. Are u born n brought up in US, watching only Hollywood films all the way,if so then im sorry for hurting u.

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