HÖNÖ 157Ersdalen
Last weekend, we had been to this Island called Hönö very close to Göteborg. We had been to a colleagues place, and spent sometime at the sea shore.

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Though some islands like Hönö, Öckerö etc are a part of Göteborg, there is no bridge that connects this to another island(Hisingen, where I live). There are many people who live in that island and commute to Göteborg every day. There is this giant ferry, that ferries between the islands. People can get inside the ferry with their cars, and then get down at the other shore. Its a ten minute journey and a nice one.
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Initially we went to the harbour area, where some festival was going on in the morning.
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HÖNÖ 119
At the western end of Hönö, there is a small forest which leads to the sea shore. This place is called Ersdalen, and is quite scenic and beautiful. The weather in Göteborg had been very dull for past few weeks and luckily for us, it was just right last Saturday.
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We were there for close to 3 hours, and it was quite nice and scenic.

Entire sets of photos are available here. Please check 🙂

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  1. Quite clean and lovely everywhere. Some pics of rock glances like hard lava? Seems people there have wonderful ferry ride along their cars 🙂

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