3G Enabled

I have been using a 3G enabled phone for quite sometime, but till date did not use it. After coming to Sweden, I was looking at various broadband options and finally settled on 3. Though I have a 3G enabled phone, I had to buy the modem as well. All one needed was a 3G SIM Card. I get to connect to internet at an average speed of 3-4 MBPS with topspeed reaching 6 MBPS at times. Mobile browsing has never been better. Far better than GPRS or EDGE.

I personally feel it would be great if Vodafone and Airtel launch this in India, after the TRAI approves it. Any idea why there is a delay in launching 3G in India? Every 6 months, we get to read news reports that 3G would be launched in 6 months. It will be good, specially for people living in areas where BSNL is the only option! And for people who are on the move 😉

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