Shivraj Patil

“You want Afzal Guru to be hanged. (At the same time) you are saying that don’t hang a person who has gone to Pakistan (Singh),” Patil told reporters in Latur on Tuesday.

“These people want others to be hanged. What are you doing? You are saying don’t hang that person (Singh) and you say hang this person (Guru) here,” Patil said and added that law would take its own course.

Sarabjit Singh’s case is one of mistaken identity. How can one equate that with a terrorist? And we have such a person as a home minister. No wonder the terrorists are feeling at home over here and attacking quite frequently. I think UPA can change its name to TPA. Terrorist Protection Alliance.

BTW, Afzal Guru is an Indian Citizen.

11 thoughts on “Shivraj Patil

  1. I thought only Churhat Raja Arjun Singh could make the stupidest statements – now find one more of the same clan!
    God savethe country!!

  2. my dear friends, bfore you leaving any of your words here….just think twice.bcoz sometimes what you see ,it’s not the reality;and what you’re not,it’s reality.

    “condition makes;condition breaks”

  3. How did you know “Sarabjit Singh’s case is one of mistaken identity.”.. ??

    Pakistan never told Sarbajit Singh was a mistaken identity… only his family says… if someone from pak spies here and his family tells u that he is a mistaken identity , can india … leave him..dont just think one sided…

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