My view of Ada – A musical journey by AR Rahman

I think ARR has thrown a challenge to all reviewers with this album. Listening to the songs one gets a feeling that ARR is trying to convey ‘Ok. Now review this.’ I have been trying to write my opinion for quite some time. I have never struggled this much 🙂

Ishq Ada (Male Version) – Singer: Rashid Ali Lyrics: Raqueeb Alam Duration: 3.37
One of the songs which I started liking in the first hearing itself. Sounds quite european and very melodious. Rashid Ali has done an amazing job. Everytime he continues after an interlude, you do not get a feeling that there was a pause. His frequency perfectly matches the interludes. Maybe it is so in all songs, but in this song the frequency synchronisation caught my attention. Special mention must be made to the section after 2.19. For the first twelve seconds, the interludes are amazing (Does anyone know what the instrument is?) and the pitch in which Rashid Ali continues after that is amazing. Dont miss the section where he goes ‘Ohh’, and then switches to high pitch. Lovely song.

Hawa Sun Hawa -Singers: Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik Lyrics: Nusrat Badr Duration: 6.01
Sonu Nigams Hat trick starts here. I like the way Alka Yagnik starts singing. Her voice blends, if I may use that word, perfectly with the flute. This song has ‘Vintage ARR’ stamped all over it. I wish he reuses this tune for a tamil movie 😀 Atleast the flute bit between 1.44 and 2.00. Lengthy song but every second is worth it.

Ghum Sum – Singers: Sonu Nigam & Alka Yagnik Lyrics: Nusrat Badr Duration: 4.20
Sonu and Alka Yagnik at it again. If it was flute in the previous song, it is guitar in this song. The string interludes are top notch. Something in the lines of Munbe vaa or Nenjamellam kaadhal. But its not that lengthy in this song. The drum beat between 3.40 and 3.44 is quite unexpected and funny 😉

Gulfisha – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan and Vivian Chaix Lyrics: Nusrat Badr Duration: 4.43
Sonu nigam’s at it again! Vivian Chaix starts chanting and then we get to hear the song, that you might hear frequently in FM Radio. This song reminds me of the Maaricham song from sillunu oru kaadhalAda ada hai ada tere ada ne jaane kya kiya? Peppy number, when compared to other songs in this album. Has ARR used the japanese bamboo flutes in this song? Sunidhi has lots of variations in this song, and she has done a neat job.

Meherbaan – Singer: AR Rahman Lyrics: Raqueeb Alam Duration: 3.51
Another NewYork Nagaram. Whats the special connection between ARR and ‘Tere Bina’? I think this song might be a part of the future concerts. I can visualize ARR playing the piano and singing ‘Tu hai nadhiya main hoon sangam’, whilst blaaze is holding the microphone next to him. Wonderful song to listen, while you are going on a long drive or rather on a walk. Was ARR thinking about this song, when this photograph was taken? 🙂 If you are tense or upset or angry, please listen to this song. Peace!

Tu Mera Hai – Singers: Chitra, Sukhwinder Singh & Naresh Iyer Lyrics: Nusrat Badr Duration: 4.57
The way Chitra sings ‘Tu Mera mera mera hai’ it reminds me of some other ARR song. I am not able to place which one. For the first 1 minute of the song, there is nothing but interludes and Chitra singing ‘Tu mera mera mera hai yaara’. Similar to Thee Thee, where there is more of interludes and the first stanza, and not much lyrics otherwise. Sukhwinder has sung like how he has sung in ‘Water’, and not his usual energetic self. Nice. Till the end I was wondering when Naresh Iyer would appear in the song.

Hai Dard – Singer: Udit Narayan Lyrics: Nusrat Badr
The way the song starts, one might assume it is a peppy number. But all of a sudden you get to hear Udit Narayan pouring his heart out. Once again, whats the instrument that appears in the beginning of the song? And is it the same instrument between 0.17 and 0.21? Pathos song, sung perfectly by Udit Narayan. His pronounciations are spot on! Not to forget the voice in the background. I wonder if there is a flashback sequence of happier moments in this song, somewhere between 2.40 and 2.50 as the music in that particular portion is quite different from the songs tune.

Ishq Ada (Female version) – Singer: Parul Mishra
When I first heard this song, I was wondering if something was wrong in my car CD player. It starts with Ada hai, sada hai, dua hai. The male version had isha ada hai, ishq dua hai etc. Parul was the winner of the Fever talent hunt competition that was held in Delhi, before the November concert. If you listen to this song, you will know why she is a worthy winner. During the concert she sung a very tough song from Zubeidaa very well. There are slight variations from the male version, not just in the tune but also in the usage of instruments. Dream debut for Parul in which she scores a six of the first ball. Great talent! Listen to her alaap in the middle. We need more songs from Parul 🙂

Milo Wahan Wahan Singers: Alka Yagnik & Jayachandran Lyrics: Nusrat Badr Duration: 6.24
Jayachandran after a long time. Lovely voice, perfect modulation. Why doesnt he get that many chances? 🙁 Apart from Jayachandrans voice, what makes this song a very pleasant one is the usage of violin and the way Alka Yagnik has sung it. Need to listen some more time. One interesting thing to observe is the pause in between lines, with no music in between.

Meherbaan (Instrumental) Guitar: Sanjeev Thomas Duration: 3.01
If there is one thing I miss(Yes, I am being greedy here) in this album, its the lack of instrumental for all the songs. No disrespect to any of the singers, but I wish we had an instrumental version for all the 9 songs. Just listen to the instrumental of Meherbaan. You will understand why I am saying this.

This is one album I had been waiting for quite sometime. According to some interviews, this movie has been in the making for quite sometime. And the music has been composed over a period of time. It definitely shows us interesting glimpses of BOSS’s musical journey.

Finally, in the interview to Kalaignar TV ARR mentioned that whenever he likes a song a lot he plays it to Mani sir. I wonder if this is the first album, apart from mani sir movies, for which he played all the songs to Mani sir.

Thank you BOSS for taking us on a wonderful musical journey, via ADA 🙂

57 thoughts on “My view of Ada – A musical journey by AR Rahman

  1. Hey Prabhu,

    Great Review da.. Just got the hands on the CD.. and when I played.. its just awesome. A truly musical journey. Will write my review soon.

    Also waiting for JTYJN … unfortunatley not yet in bangalore.


  2. Nice review.
    Your thought on using the flute portion of Hawa Sun Hawa to be reused in Tamil; dont you think the old Tamil song sung by Sujata which was later used in Vishwavidata had a similar one?

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  4. Dear Prabhu,

    What you said about Jayachandran is 100% correct. Lovely voice. Perfect modulation. May god bless to have more sweet Hindi numbers from ARR-Jayachandran team and Jayachandran with other music directors.

  5. Hey Prabhu,

    Cool review man, you have touched almost all the notes of each song in your review. Have you listened to Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Rashid Ali’s Kabhie Kabhie is my fav*** in that album. Thanks again for bringing this review.


  6. The instrument at 2:19 in Ishq Ada sounds like the Accordion he used in Guru..

    Am hearing to Ada now, and most times it is making me feel that this might not be Rahman.

    Maybe I am wrong, or probably had big expectations or probably the after effect of listening to Jaane Tu.

  7. hi prabhu

    naresh iyer has sung a part of that song, like la illa hi la illa hi. i think this song was recorded some 4 years when naresh had not entered this field, but was asked to sing a part of this song. just one or two lines.

  8. Hi, great review, awesome music, long live arr. Instrumental of meherbaan is available in – check it out.

  9. hi prabhu,

    fantastic review!!!! ADA is really a musical journey! songs like “hawa sun hawa” are numbers which only a genius like ARR can compose!! I can only think of one word after listening to the songs–“ECSTATIC!!!”

  10. Madhava…. I am not.

    A.R. Rahman’s ADA is a highly experimental album – probably due to its age – 6 years…
    This album would appeal only to two category of people – Rahman’s die hard fans & serious music followers.

    Others are strictly advised to avoid this album and better take shelter with your regular, comfortable music which you are used to 🙁

    Only the ishq ada, gum sum jil mil track sounds decent and the rest are all sleepy, below average, lacklustre, experimental tunes in 1960-1980s mode !!!

    This album would flop heavily and can find a place along with Lakeer, kabhi na kabhi, kadhal virus etc…

  11. Madhava,
    Calm down,

    Vijay ganesh,
    I agree every one has a different view. But comments like the album will flop are uncalled for. Can you please not start a flame war here?

  12. Friends, I am also a ARR fan for years. The point is, if the album is below average, so be it. One should not mislead as if it is a classic album !!! I am thru with this post on this topic.

  13. Hi,
    I agree with VijayGanesh .I am a live-soft (not die-hard) fan of ARR.The review here is too much elaborated and has a better review.
    Cheers !

  14. Hey Dude, everytime I listen to ARR’s new album, I land up reading ure review, and then sit on the second listening for the finer points , thanks, great job

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  16. Prabhu… you have done a great job of a maniac by reviewing this album with super bias… it is surprising that a person finds only negative vibes from a vijaykant movie finds only positive things in one outdated music album !!! Baba would bless you.

  17. Prabhu this review is very good.You seem to have very good music reviewing abillity.I say this bcoz earlier i read Azhagiya Thamizhmagan(ATM) review which i dint like then after first listening I was surprised this guy(prabhu) is just giving hype for ARR songs but now when i listen to ATM its marvellous especially Valaiyapathi song.Your reviews are ultimate reviews.

    Keep it up

  18. Hola Prabhu,

    Makes more sense now than when I read your entry before listening to the songs first!!

    Btw.. you got it all bang on..

    Tell me if you’ve noticed this.. in the Meherbaan (Instrumental) version.. Jus after the interlude starts u find this beep beep beep sound… Doesn’t it remind you of Grey’s Anatomy title track? The Dido one??

  19. Meherbaan – Singer: AR Rahman Lyrics: Raqueeb Alam Duration: 3.51 == ‘En Swaasa Katre’ from film- En Swaasa Katre with subtle modifications ( not enough modifications to supress the base note )

    —Anybody Seeing this?

    I m not a die hard fan of anybody. However, i feel Illayaraja is more of Creator! n ARR is more of a mixer!( of course he has created some WonDERFUL stuff)!

  20. Curious,

    I too thought that! it resembles grey’s anatomy.
    more specifics here:

    the initial strings used in..
    Meherbaan – Singer: AR Rahman Lyrics: Raqueeb Alam Duration: 3.51—-is same as that of:
    ‘Thirteen senses – into the fire’ – used in grey’s anatomy!

  21. hey Milo Wahan wahan track is the theme music of kannathil muthamittal(ARR+Mani tamil film) this piece of music comes in climax of that film

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  27. y is it that every review of ada i have read said it was amazing. in most cases the comments were ok with the reviews and also complimenting the reviewer. vijay jignesh’s the first one i came along that doesn’t like ada.

    i think he’s been brainwashed by the likes of pathetic music and crappier lyrics as that of himesh reshamiya/sameer (songs that keep repeating themselves making it addictive and annoying) and pritam (copy of others talents). Just listen to the pathetic songs of singh is king. im sure he likes that.

  28. I say this bcoz earlier i read Azhagiya Thamizhmagan(ATM) review which i dint like then after first listening I was surprised this guy(prabhu) is just giving hype for ARR songs but now when i listen to ATM its marvellous especially Valaiyapathi song.

  29. it is fascinating to read the discussion posted above. Any change of views prabhu… after all, it is more than a year now after the release of this album !

  30. I loved d song ISQ ADA HAI(Female Version) sung by Parul Mishra.U wont believe it but its a fact dat Parul Di has bcom a very gud frend of mine.I hav even listened 2 her in a live concert.Her voice n sur n taal r awesome.
    She is a very sweet fellow.She has reached mumbai for her concert.
    I wish u all d best Parul di.:):)

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  33. Jayachandran is a wonderful singer with unmatched voice. He is specialized in expressing Bhava of each words. Hindi should be given much more chance to him to get more and more beautiful songs.

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