Arasaangam – Boochandi Exclusive

PTC na enna?
For the first twenty minutes, you really wonder whether this is a Vijayakanth movie. Very unpredictable and has all the setting for a thriller. Few people get killed by killers, who are anything but stereotype killers. And as expected a special officer is appointed to investigate. Once again, there is a twist. The special officer is not Captain. Well, Captain has always been an aapeesarr. I was wondering if this movie will turn out to be like a non-captainish captain movies like Sathriyan, Ramana etc. But then, Captain knows how his die hard fans peel. Sorry. Feel. So, we get to hear some amazing dialogues from a girl who says ‘Neenga ippadi dhaan pesitte irupeenga. Ennoda tension unga yaarukume puriyalai. Enakku Bayama irukku. Unga kitta solli waste. Yaara koopadnum nu enakku theriyum’. Exactly. She read the mind of every captain fan. And then. And then. And then

We see a few wooden boards flying here and there. Each board is shaped like a thief and they keep moving. Suddenly you hear gun shots. Captain enters with deepavali cape thupaaki and blasts all the wooden boards. And then a wooden board in the shape of a girl appears. Captain will pause and smile. He wont hurt women you see? But one thing that I felt jarring was captains costume. He is in black and white, and not in police brown. Later when he falls on the sand bags and sacks, you understand his dressing sense. You should be able to differentiate between the sack and captain right? Thats why he is not brown clad.
PTC na Pallavan Transport Corporation aa?
Captain is the head of officers training academy, but a crimonologist by hobby. He starts with an inspirational speech ‘Neenga ellam houje rent allowanje, DA idhukaagava ispesal trainingkku vandhu irukeenga? No No. Idha vacchi oru dapple bedroom flat kooda vaanga mudiyadhu. Pinna edhukku vandhu irukkom? Jaab satispacson. Kettadha azhikarom ngra Drupdi(trupthi)’. Some of the words captain uses during the training are ‘Andenaa(Antenna), incept(intercept), versan(version), degode(decode), engode(encode)’, ipaadu(ipod), bulsor(pulsar). Being a captain fan helps in incept cha intercepting captains dialaags.

Then we have a flashback in which captain goes to the bank to take a DD. But since the person in the counter is rude, captain decides to complain to the manager. To our surprise we have the beautiful heroine(paavam) as the bank manager. Captain is stunned by her beauty and blabbers like ‘Gounder edukka vandhen DD la aaL illai. Sorry. DD edukka vandhen Gounder(counter) la aaL illai’. Anyways, Captain falls in love and she agrees to marry him. Her brother puts only one condition. ‘Neenga adhigam pesa koodadhu’. Captain paathu ippadi sonna mudhal and kadaisi aaL avar dhaan.
PTC na Police Training College
The girl refuses to marry him after she comes to know he is from Police Training College and not Pallavan. Muruga! Later all is well, and we get to see the first duet. 43 minutes after the movie starts. For the first time in history, we have the transcript between choreographer and Captain
Choreo: Sir. Pul la padunga sir.
Vijayakanth: Cooling glass(Goggles) oda va?
Choreo: Aaama sir. Appadiye pana maratahula vavaala paarunga
Vijayakanth: OK
Choreo; Sir. Stand up. Heroine right la vizhuvaanga. Dupatta va maalayai aa aaki avangala pidinga
Vijayakanth: OK
Choreo: Sir
Vijayakanth: Theriyum. Heroine left la dhaane vizhuvaanga?
Choreo: Sir. Fast aa nadanga sir. Appuram konjam reverse la nadanga sir. Heroine pinaala saaivanga sir. Back la irundha avangala pidinga sir.
Vijayakanth: Avanga iduppula pidikanuma?
Choreo: Illai sir. Enga neenga andha madhiri panniduveengalo appadinu avanga kaiyaala marachipaanga sir. Neenga correct aa avanga kaiya pidicha porum.
(Check image)
Choreo: Sir. Jeep oattunga sir. Ayyo sir. Adhu tractor illai. Jeep.

After this the movie gets back to non captainish captain movie, and gets very interesting. Operation Braindead is the theme for the next half hour, where captain discovers about the undeclared war. Normal cine goers might like this part of the movie, as it seems to be very logical to the utter dismay of Captain regulars.

Later, the story and captain move to Canada where captain utters punch dialogues like ‘Naan oru adi eduthu vakkaradhukku munnadi pinnadi pathu adi paarpen. Adhu bayam illai. Munechcharikkai’. Being Chiranjeevai(literal meaning, not the telugulu super lu star lu), Captain foils all the death attempts with help of another good looking babe(Ayyo paavam). Then, we get to see our captain in full acsan as he says ‘Acsan first formaalie(formality) negst’, ‘Ovvoru manushanukkum edhiriye avan manasula irukkara paasam dhaan’, ‘Ennada. Velai pesariya. poNam vikkara broker nee.’ Captain cares a damn about formalities in Canada and tries to investigate in his own way causing major discomfort to the second heroine.

Finally, after what seems an enternity we reach the climax(ouch!) err the end of the movie. Villain tries to kill captain by sending 100 white pigs. He he πŸ˜€ Do I need to say Captain escapes? By the way i forgot to tell. Heroine is deaf. She also joins the bandwagon to save the nation. And since she is afraid, captain will convince her to keep away from it she removes her hearing aid. Brilliant! And then we have the physics defying moment in the climax. Captain and villain are in second floor mottai maadi. They jump down towards the railway track vertically and when the train crosses, the horizontally enter the train. I better go and catch hold of my physics professors who failed to teach me these things. I feel cheated.

Anyways, with that train fight movie ends. Its a very different captain movie. There are enough dose of captain comedy for his die hard fans, and there are many logical scenes for normal cine goers. But somewhere the diector misses the plot and fails to convince anyone. Neither the normal cine goer, nor a captain fan. But still I would suggest all captain fans to watch this movie atleast once.

Post Script: At the end of the movie they say Captain went on a padh yatra all over India and lots of youth joined his movement, and India became a superpower in 5 years.

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  2. Damn man.. I am still rolling on the floor laughing after reading that review you wrote up… Definitely qualifies for a great piece of work..

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  4. I can’t recollect the expansion of PTC, it is interviewing someone on the mike and getting them talk to the camera.

  5. …He is in black and white, and not in police brown. Later when he falls on the sand bags and sacks, you understand his dressing sense…

    Man, you rock! I can’t stop laughing loud…Keep it coming.

  6. hahah πŸ™‚
    GAP10 padathula logic konjam neram varutha ! Aacharyam thaan…

    b/w please see kuruv that too the in the scene in which vijay travels some 500 ft horizontally in air and boards a running electric train…captain thothachu !

  7. Juperub….Man, I’m still laughing….gonna read it one more time to find out if I have missed any interesting words.

    With your permission, I’m gonna share this link with few of my friends.

  8. hey Perrari….

    gaptan-a ippadi pottu thakareeya….i give you saabam to get a chance act in next gaptan movie as gaptan’s friend !!! πŸ™‚

    direducker saar of adutha gaptan movie pls keep consider this in mind… :-))

    Excellent review…prabhu!!!

  9. Ha ha ha… Review ezhudharthukkagave poi padam paapeengala? Chancee ille.. Too Good.. I read your blogs regularly.. They are good.. πŸ™‚

  10. VK konjam adakkivasicha padam idhu – idhaye ippadi thaakureenga – tooo bad πŸ™‚
    movie was not bad and surprisingly watchable – not as great as ramana etc but better than most others. song sequences were even funnier than ur writeup πŸ™‚

  11. that was too gud…
    i read the blog in my office and couldnt control laughing…
    good work keep it up..
    a few days back i happened to see Vanchinathan in sunTV..
    in a scene he takes the Wireless and says
    THE OTHER VOICE replies Sollunga sir..
    then Gaptain starts talking in thamiz as usual…

    hey please do write a review on Kuruvi as Ilaya Thalapathi beats Little Super Star in dialogue delivery..
    now the competition is between VIjay and Simbhu…
    hope simbu will try to beat vijai’s record in his next movie

  12. Hilarious! After reading that dialogue between choreo and gabtun, andha foto chancey illa… vizhundhu vizhundhu sirichen πŸ˜€

  13. I still don’t understand why IT companies spend so much money in conducting ‘stress Relief’ programmes for their employees… they could easily get a movie ticket for 10 rubees for “Gap-10” movies and relieve the employees from stress… full 2.5 hrs of Fun and Frolic.

    Please Please Kuruvi review…Please Please… πŸ˜‰

  14. hey nice command ya…..i think lots of eng people sits in front of the system and squash the brain and criate this beautyfull command with cutefacing photography

  15. This movie is not to be compared with other movies..
    We should be happy that Captain did,nt speak one hour dialogues.
    and no one had pointed about the malayalam speaking villain in canada.
    When will malayalam actors speak original dialogues without malayalam touch?????


  16. Could you review Movie Villu for us, it seems our Gapten is busy in politics and not going to act movies. I think it is time that Vijay takes mantle from Gapten.

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