Trailer : M3V na enna?

Music: Track listing of JTYJN available at BOSS’s site. Rashid ali has played the guitar apart from singing Kabhi Kabhi? Cool!

Comedy: MK announcing an enquiry over phone tapping, and promising action will be taken over minister Poongodhai, if she is found guilty. Ha ha 🙂 Next house ghee, my wife hand?

Tragedy: Poor BBC. They are trying their level best to undermine IPL with the blessings of ECB. Tch Tch. ‘Singh, 27, admitted his guilt over the incident with his India team-mate, which occurred in a domestic Twenty20 league match in April. ‘ Domestic league eh? What else can you expect from a site that reports F1 results with headlines like ‘Jenson Button fights hard for 17th place, while Schumacher comes first’. County cricket kku aapu. Sangu oodhiyachu doi.

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