Nokia N95 display problem

This is the second time I am facing this problem. I faced it once in September, and the Nokia care replaced the phone with a new phone as they could not fix it. Now once again, the problem repeats. Its so frustrating!

Has anyone used N95 8GB? Is it good. I just ran a comparison with N96 (Upcoming model) and found N95-8GB better.

23 thoughts on “Nokia N95 display problem

  1. Have used both the phones..I feel N95 8gb is definitely better. More space better features and stability. Go for it! Good luck 🙂

  2. I have a nokia N95 (not the 8gb version) that I got with 02, so its the basic stock model. I had a lot of problems before where the screen would go blank or just get jittery especially when I’m running multiple apps. I think it was definitely attributed to all this open:source junk I was installing from the net, truphone usage and the mail for exchange app.

    Last week I finally buckled down and plugged the phone into my PC for the big firmware update which I didn’t realize erased the whole phone memory to factory state. I have to say that since then my phone does not crash/restart/get jittery anymore. I also don’t use mail for exhange anymore because I know that, that was a big problem from the beginning anyway since it conflicted with Nokia update and sync services.

    I’ve seen others with the n95 8gb and its memory management is a lot better and the phone is just better designed (the slider doesn’t stick on it). But with the firmware update i’d say they are fairly on par.

    At the end of the day the concept of talking about phones that “crash” itself is a reminder that the n95 is at the head of a new era and in many ways we’re the guinea pigs for that test.

  3. Display Problem, very common issue in N95.
    I recently visited one of the nokia care center in chennai, and they said, issue happened bcoz of physical damage and it will not cover under warrenty which costs around 4000rs.

    Poor Customer Service.

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