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  1. Any one can meet a prisoner, provided the prisoner is willing to meet. If you are idealistic, you can argue that once a criminal doesn’t mean always a criminal. If you are cynical you will think that this is a publicity stunt.

    By the way, Nalini is one among the many convicted for Rajiv’s murder. The actual killer was blown to pieces and the strategist was shot dead in Bangalore.

  2. Chenthil,
    Sivarasan and Dhanu were the main people right? I was wondering what will happen if everyone, whose relatives have been murdered, want to meet the killers/perpetrators etc.

  3. Prabhu…. There is a phychological angle for this. People generally go through trauma on personal loss. They need some kind of action to get rid of the bad memories as no one can simply forget things happened.

    There are courses available like landmark forum for people who are serious in taking up the cleaning up act. This meeting is a great attempt on Priyanka’s part to take this move.

  4. First of all, this whole argument is totally stupid. I am an Eezham Tamil. As a Thamizhan, I will never ever forgive Rajeev Gandi for the stupid mistake his regime made. The IPKF destroyed innocent lives when they had no business in Eezham.

    Secondly, if he had become priminister second time, he would have definitely sent his RAW back to Eezham to destroy the rest of the innocent population. I am not arguing what LTTE did is right. But what Rajeev Gandi did is totally not right. And its good that idiot is no more..

    I as well as the whole of Thamizh Eezham people have no respect to your congress Govt..!!! His mother created the whole mess and he played it the wrong hand….

    Who cares if Priyanka has comes to terms.. There are a ton of innocent Thamils who have no way to reconcile their losses…

  5. let her die in the Jail..what difference it makes to India?
    all these icons like priyanka/soniya/shahrukh/vijaymalya are into mass looting.. these people are specially trainned on how to brain-wash the indian middle class and suck them to bones..with the support of psycho Media!
    Better not waste time talking abt them..they worth nothing!

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