Dinamalar Editor has been arrested for defaming a school teacher(principal?). It seems Dinamalar had written that the Principal helped the students in copying during examinations. Very good. Serves them right. They should have been arrested long back for the kind of Moral Policing and other things they were doing.

Meanwhile, what happened to their influence? They were the unofficial Murasoli for past few months and even went ahead and published a ‘Nellai maaNaadu special’. Tch Tch. So sad.

And the best part is, this news appeared in the chinese national newspaper published from chennai.

17 thoughts on “Arrested

  1. Madras la chinese newspapera???? eppolarundu? I @$%&in hate most of the vernacular papers in TN, u shud see the kind of sensation they create with their headlines….sheer voyerism at times….well said Prabhu…serves them right…

  2. the chinese newspaper must be THE HINDU!!
    and the editor and publisher were immediately let out on bail so they could prefer an appeal at a higher judical authority

  3. Chennai la Page 3 activities romba kedayaadhe? chennai times supplement la ennatha poduvaanga? Namitha’s full page poster on the inaugural issue?

  4. hmm agree with maverick. Prabhu have u been following the happenings in bengaluru?? Priya Mani’s posters (frm Thotta) have been torn in Natraj theatre, tamil channels wud go off air frm wednesday and even malayalam film posters are being torn…the idiots dont knw which is Tamil which is Malayam…I hope the mallus dont join in now. 😀

  5. Yeah dude, I saw this on TV 19 day before :(. Actually their intention wasnt to tear Priya Mani’s poster, they seem to be sincerely deidicated in bringing down the huge poster of THOTTA (Selvas film with Jeevan and Priya Mani, her latest) across Natraj theatre walls in Shesadripuram. Ivlo feel pannuvinganu therijna sollirkavematten.

    What amused me is that they cud’nt spot the difference between Tamil and Malayalam, and some Malayalam posters were torn too, just hoping this doesnt add fire to the protest.

    Am sure u wud have written about this water war had u been in Bangalore.

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