Over the long weekend I had been to Prague in Czech Republic. Apart from Prague, I visited another place called Telc(pronounced Telch) in southern part of Czech, close to the Austrian border. It is a historical town and right now it is part of UNESCO heritage site.

According to the local legend, the foundation of Telč is connected with the victory of the Moravian Duke Otto II. over the Czech Duke Břetislav in 1099. It is said that in the memory of the battle the victor established first a chapel, later a church and then a community, which is the Old Town today.

More information about the history of Telc can be found here

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It’s a nice place, and the city square with adjacent buildings is quite colorful. The weather was not quite good that day, but still it was nice. I wonder how this place would look in summer. In case you are visiting Prague please do make it a point to visit this small town.

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There is nothing except for the castle, chapel and the town square but you will definitely not be disappointed. The ride from Prague to Telc is one of the most scenic ones I have seen in my lifetime. The roads are good, and it takes close to 3 hours. You get to see beautiful Czech landscapes, mountains, rivers, small waterfalls and even layers of snow at certain places.

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The town is extremely colorful with wonderful buildings. They have really maintained it well. It was worth the visit.

Entire set of photos is available here

Some information

1. Telc is not that well connected. There are direct buses from Prague only at certain times. And sometimes the buses don’t come on time. When I had to go back, the afternoon bus was cancelled and I had to wait for an hour. Train is another option. But check with the tourist information desk and plan accordingly.

2. Bus fare is around 12 Euros from Prague(Including return)

3. There are restaurants in Telc, where you get vegetarian food (Ask for fried cheese or Gebackner Kasse).

4. Telc is close to a place called Jihlava which has very good connectivity to Prague.

5. Telc has hostels and hotels in case you want to spend a night there.

6. Don’t forget to visit the area around the lake, behind the main castle.

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  1. So much of RED! It looks awesome. Might have said it million times already, but let me reiterate that i am bloody jealous of u!

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