Anjaadhey – My view

Chithiram Pesudhadi was one movie that I really liked, including the climax. Now after watching the movie ‘Anjaadhey’ I think I will not miss any of the movies directed by Mysskin. Anjaadhey is a great movie.

The plot maybe quite predictable, but the treatment is refreshingly new. When someone becomes a police officer, what do we expect in movies? Straight away he gets into that blue jeep, with rayban glass entering the red bricked building called as Police Station. Not in this movie atleast. The police station in this movie is exactly how it is in real life. And when the newly appointed police officer enters the police station the only person who shows any interest in him is the tea kadai payyan with his one word ‘Pudhusa?’. This guy still pesters the writer and asks ‘Sir naan enga sir ukkarananum? for which the writer answers ‘Chair la dhaan’. Ha ha. Nice Induction program.

There are quite a few interesting scenes like a kid trying to get to his dad, with two men trying to hold him or the florist lady doing her bit, but the best thing I liked in this movie was the assembling of small pieces. Initially it shows the irresponsible young man, followed by family sentiments and before we even realize its moved into thriller mode. And there is no looking back. None of the segments are repetitive except for the songs. Maybe they are a reminder to us that we are watching a movie and not an intense drama.

I didnt like the songs, but I somehow wonder if the director deliberately placed the bad songs in between to reiterate his point that ‘Chithiram Pesudhadi’ is a good movie even if there was no ‘vaazha meenukkum’ song. The climax might have been handled better. I didnt expect the knuckle sound during the climax, from otherwise such a wonderfully made subtle movie. But then its ok. Other parts are too good to let these minor shortcomings spoil the overall experience.

Casting is nice and it was nice to see Prasanna in a new role, except for his hair style. Naren, Balaji, heroine(whats her name?), Pandiarajan, Livingston, Sappai(That fisherman) and others have shown some restraint and acted really well. Very good!

14 thoughts on “Anjaadhey – My view

  1. I saw this movie too…Nalla dhaan irundhudhu…but some scenes were konjam cinematic…and Prasanna’s wig….omg!!! Tht was the most hideous wig i’ve seen in recent times!! The fact the movie was taken very decently needs to be appreciated…And cudnt resist…Prasanna as a serial rapist…i still found him cute!! πŸ˜€

    And its been ages!! Epadi irukeenga?!

  2. innum movie pakkala…btw, the heroine is Vijayalakshmi who acted in Chennai 28…Director Agathiyan’s daughter…read somewhere.

  3. Havent watched this one yet. Got to know from a source ( πŸ˜‰ ) that its an action movie and gals wudnt enjoy it so much πŸ˜›

  4. Heroine-a vudunga pa. what is the name of that lady who is the lead dancer in the song track – Kaththaala Kannala?

  5. Where do u get to see Tamil flicks sitting in Europe?? torrent????

    I saw the film too, good one indeed..did give me goose bumps in some places. One more thing if u notice is the photography in Mysskin’s films, they seem to have something VERY REAL (that yellow tone seems to be adding something to the movie) am not sure if I am making myself clear.

    And since ur twitter asked for some movie recommendations, I suggest MITHYA (Rajat Kapoor’s), am sure u wud want to review that if u see, hope u got my mail.

  6. Blogeswaran&Vishay,
    The gal’s name is Snigdha.

    Yet to watch the movie,will do it over the following weekend.Am hearing a lot of good things about it.

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