Gunnebo 16/02/2008

Last weekend, few of us went to a place called Gunnebo in Mölndal county on the outskirts of Göteborg. To be frank, we had no idea what the place was famous for apart from the castle. By the time we left Smyckegatan it was close to noon, and there was no sign of sun, though the weather prediction for the day was partly cloudy!

By the time we reached Frölunda Torg, snow showers started to our surprise. Actually, the temperature was below 0 for the previous few days. Since Frölunda is quite close to the coast, the snow melted the moment it fell on the ground.


We took the bus 751 to Mölndal, from where we were supposed to switch to 753. The route was quite scenic and after Mölndal it was snow all the way.


I am not a big fan of snow. I feel it looks good only on the photographs. The path tends to get slippery, and sometimes gets all slushy. I don’t mind snow as long as I don’t have to step on it 😉

The bus driver from Mölndal was quite friendly and he announced just before our stop ‘Friends, please don’t expect anything great in the castle. The woods next to the castle are good, and I wish you all a very nice day at Gunnebo’. All we asked him before we boarded the bus was to let us know where to get down 🙂


The first thing that caught our attention was the frozen lakes, and the huge flock of birds. The lake had not completely frozen, and there were many fishes below the upper layer. We couldn’t get closer to the lake, as the ice was very fragile and couldn’t withstand our weight. The birds, didn’t have that much problem 🙂 And it was interesting to see their footmarks on the ice!


Once we crossed the lake, we reached a cross road from where we could reach the castle in two different routes. One was via the forest and other via a normal road, skirting around the lake. By the way, the photographs are of the same bridge before and after snow.


We decided to go via the forest and return via the normal road. It was quite an interesting experience to walk on snow. Actually it was very gloomy, but thanks to the snow everything appeared bright!


The details of the castle, and how it looks like on a good summer day, can be found here. I was more interested in the small fountain and the pond in front of the castle, than the actual castle. It was very nice to see the ice form in the shape of concentric circles!


We weren’t that keen to get inside the castle, and spent time at the areas around the castle. I actually liked the view of the castle from the back. In my opinion, I found it to be more symmetric.


After that, we got down via the other route I had mentioned earlier. In this route, the trees had fallen down and made the place look haunted.


I think this place will look extremely beautiful in summer. There were quite a few summer houses and each house had its own dock for the boat. After spending sometime near the lake, we got back home. It was a nice, calm and interesting experience. I am looking forward to visiting this place in summer.

The entire set of photos, are available here.

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  1. I decided, ennoda honeymoon Swedenla thaan-nu, anyway thanks for your interesting tourist guidelines, that too with the pics. Chumma thamaasukku 🙂

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