kaN pesum vaarthaigaL

He and She are married. She wears contact lens and tears it one sunday. Next day morning

She: Oh oh. Edhuvum seriya theriyalai.
He: Appo office leave poattuden
She: Leave kammiya irukku. Its ok. I can manage
He: Seri. Go to that eye clinic near office and get it replaced. Or shall I do it?
She: Illai. Naan manage pannikaren.
He: BTW, unnoda pazhaya spectacles irukku illai. Why dont you wear that to office?

She: Ayye. Vayasu jaasthiya kaatum andha specs. Vendaam
(He tries to control his laughter and mock sneezes)
She: Enna aachu?
He: Kozhandhai azhudhudhu?
She: What?
He: Illai. Onnum illai. Seri. Enakku time aaradhu. Office poittu phone pannu. Bye

(By afternoon)
She calls He
She: Hello
He: Hey. Lens enna aachu?
She: Naalaiku morning dhaan ready aagumaam.
He: Oh! Are you able to manage?
She: Yeah. konjam blurred aa irukku. But nothing tough
He: Hmmm
She: Evening inga variya? I dont want to come alone in dark.
He: Seri. When I come there I will ask you ‘Unakku evlo vayasu’. You answer ‘ondrarari kazhuadhai vayasu’
She: Huh?
He: Illai. Unakku kaNNu seriya theriyalai illaya. Naan nu nenachu vera yaar koodayavadhu poitaa?
She: !!!!

20 thoughts on “kaN pesum vaarthaigaL

  1. Hmmm. I was expecting a Valentine’s day related He-She.
    Its pretty good. I’ve heard of 7 Kazhudhai age. But He is so sharp as to not use the standard answers in case someone else figures it out. Brilliant 🙂

  2. Naan nu nenachu vera yaar koodayavadhu poitaa

    OMG LOL!

    reminds me of a goundamani scene where he suffers from night blindness and goes to watch an evening show with his wife….

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