Kobri Unde


Yesterday, I had gone to a friends place near my house. He had come over the weekend from Bangalore. I will not get to the details of entire conversation except for the last part.

He: You look quite tired
Me: Yeah. Feeling sleepy
He: Have this
(He gave me a laddoo kind of thing)
Me: Whats this?
He: Its called kobre undi. Its a kind of laddoo. Quite tasty. Have it
Me: Thank you
(After I had it)
He: Feeling better?
Me: Sorry?
He: In our place, they give this ladoo everyday to the guy who is getting married. So that he has enough energy before first night.
Me: !!!!
He: Liked it?
Me: Yeah. Thank you. Good night.

P.S. I had a sound sleep.

29 thoughts on “Kobri Unde

  1. engayo iddikuthe?
    Something is off…

    IF the sweet is supposed to energize a person- how come you had a sound sleep.

    Actually I dont know, never mind, maybe my interpretation is wrong.

  2. Best part is the PS πŸ˜‰ ROFL.

    Believe me, u will be really tired after all the marriage formalities. Sitting in front of the Homam for about 3 hrs & then the video grapher lights & stuff…..so, athanaala enna solla varaen-na kavunthu adichu thoongidungo.

  3. Even though Kobre Unde’s virility powers could not collaborated, it seems we have a definite proof of its power to aid some sound sleep πŸ™‚

    On the flip side, the next time when Ferrari recommends this as a sleep aid to someone, it could result in some one having a real good time πŸ™‚ or maybe not !

  4. “they give this ladoo everyday to the guy who is getting married.”

    now, does this mean this particular guy u are talking about is getting married everyday or does it mean the ladoo is given only to guys who marry everyday or does it mean the ladoo is given everyday to married men?

    Is it an intentional misplacement of ‘everyday’ to confuse people or is it that u don’t know where to place the ‘everyday’ or is it just the effect of the kobre undi u had yesterday?

    pls clarify so that we can understand the great properties of kobre undi much clearer!

  5. “ladduÒ€ℒngra perla, Γ’β‚¬ΛœalvaÒ€ℒ kuduthirukanga” – LoL πŸ˜€

    And “sound sleep” oda meaning yenna? yenakku double meaning-aa vae thoanradhu!! πŸ˜‰

  6. It’s 1:41 am and I am just back from a nice long drive and I read this.

    My twisted mind is capable of (mis)interpreting this so I wont attempt to read too much into this, apart from the fact that it is quite funny πŸ™‚

    Perhaps that was your point.

  7. That reminds me. Have you ever been to any of the Fruit Shop on Greame’s Road in Chennai ?

    They have this drink called Sheikh Shake or something close to it.

    Apparently, it is supposed to have the same pre-first-night effect.

    I am happy to say I canNOT vouch for the veracity of that claim πŸ™‚

  8. You should have given a few Kobri undes to the Swedes there explaining that it is the next best thing to come out of India after Kama Sutra πŸ™‚

    semma business opportunity.

  9. I guess, this stuff is given to the newly married guy “during the day” only to have a soubd slip… so that he is awake in the night….

    Wow. What a response to this post and the kind of creative interpretations from people.

    After a long time, came in to this blog and had a good laugh….

  10. //In our place, they give this ladoo everyday to the guy who is getting married. So that he has enough energy before first night.//

    Eda unga friend sollumbodu unga facela reactiona paarkanume…imagining…
    oru pakkam laddoova vazhala vechindu mennavum mudiyaama muzhungavum mudiyaama muzhikarareenga..

    Aana unmaiya sollunga…neenga toongineengala illa innoru laddoo keteengala πŸ™‚

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