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Jodha Akbar is one album that I have been waiting for quite sometime. UTV’s delays didn’t help much either. There are totally 7 songs of which, two of them are instrumentals. We all know how much ARR pays attention to finer details. In this album he takes these minor things to an all new level. Usually people complain that one doesnt get to hear the lyrics properly in ARR’s songs. They must listen to Jodha Akbar. In fact he seems to have used so many instruments but no where the lyrics drown in the music 😉 Its a pleasure to listen to such a wonderful album.

Azeem O Shan Shehenshah
Grand Entry. When I first heard this song during the Delhi Concert the first thing that impressed me was the ‘Chan chana chana chan’ part after the ‘taa re taa re’ part. Even after repeated hearings I still like it. Needless to say about the Sword swoosh by Sivamani. I would love to see Sivamani performing this. Pay attention to the drum beat during ‘Mahabali’ beat and see how it differs from the otherwise same rhythmic beats 🙂 A grand song which, I sincerely hope, will be picturized grandly. I bought this audio CD at a shop closer to my house. But the audio quality made me take one of the longest routes to home.

Jashn E Bahaara
Master Editor. If ARR had been an editor, he would have been an expert there as well. Thats what I felt after listening to this song. At one stretch Javed Ali goes on close to a minute without any audible sign of catching his breath. Easily my favorite song of the album. Somewhere between 3.50 and 3.54 you get to hear a bell at the background. Its there for just 3 seconds and vanishes. This happens once or twice in the song. I somehow get a feeling that Akbar’s courtyard, in the movie, is close to a temple and the bell we get to hear is the temple bell? By the way whats the string instrument that appears in the first interlude? Its magical. Maybe the first ARR song in which I liked the vocal version rather than the instrumental version. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like the instrumental version.

Man Mohana
Bhajan Symphony. It seems Aishwarya Rai was supposed to sing this song first. At least thats what I read in some reports. Thank god she didn’t, as we wouldn’t have got to hear Bela Shende. Only someone like ARR can think of a symphony kind of interlude for a bhajan song. I remember Baradwaj writing sometime back on how current day singers struggle to catch breath in between lines. He had also mentioned about how Sujatha was an expert in it. I think Bela Shende seems to have taken the trick from Sujathas book. I love the way she effortlessly sings ‘Manmohana’ in high pitch. She does it 3 times continuously with tempo increasing slowly. I disagree with many ARR fans who brand this song not to be in same league as of other songs in the album. It is one of my favorites 🙂

Khwaja Mere Khwaja
Multilayered Rahman. How many layers are there in this song? I tried counting but gave up midway 🙂 Well, I have not listened to that much qawwali(spelling?) to appreciate this song. I liked the strecth that appeared on the trailers and the way Rahman sings ‘Aaaa’ in the background. Though the tune is catchy, I somehow feel the song would have been better if more singers had been used and Rahman stuck to just the main verses and the aalaap? 😉 The instrumental of this song was too short 🙁 The starting reminded me of Pray For Me Brother instrumental opening, but that was for just 2 seconds or so. Its very different.

In Lamhon
Simple and nice. Actually I do not know what to write about this song? Do I write about the great combination of Sonu Nigam and ARR? Do I write about the Madhushrees entry? Do I write about the chorus when you least expect it? Or do I write about how Sonu’s voice is distinctly heard in the second chorus? Lovely song.

Listening to Jodha Akbar is like drinking half glass of payasam/kheer. Ofcourse it is sweet and nice. But it is the unexpected cashewnut, raisin that you encounter which makes it all the more wonderful. But why are there only 5 songs? Movie length according to media reports is close to 3 hours. But still only 5 songs, apart from the instrumentals? I somehow feel that it is less. Maybe thats why I am not completely satisfied with this album. There should have been atleast 1 more song. I sincerely hope ARR doesn’t stop composing for period films. In fact I wish they make a periodical movie in Tamil and ARR composes for it 🙂

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    • Now now how much i missed your mixes Mr WB! YOU SO DID NOT SPOIL IT!!! Its is plain mind blnoiwg and no one can sit on the couch..azeemo shan mix simply is floor ripping this ones for my ipod..permanant!!

  1. Cant agree more..ARR and Ashutosh cud have definitely had more songs, atleast 1 or 2 more. Does ARR have more period films in his kitty?

  2. Prabhu,

    You can definitely land a job in, as they are looking for Reviewers(Music & Film), Just a thought after reading your review – Try for it – You might end with a Full/part time !!

  3. There are confirmed reports that Kamal’s next(script,direction,lead role&joint producer along with Gemini Films Circuit) is a periodical in Tamil/Hindi titled “Marma Yogi”.There are unconfirmed reports that ARR is the MD.

    If he indeed is doing the movie,then your wish would have come true 🙂

  4. You’ve got a great ear for music man. Good reviews.

    I saw the heading and the “my view” part caught my attention. Ferrari has effectively blocked all the ARR-bashing trash comments from various “paer solla virumbaatha” anons. Its a sort of a two-word disclaimer I guess. 🙂

  5. Dear Cinefan,

    Your news that in Kamal’s next project he is doing script, direction, lead role & jointly producing along with Gemini Films Circuit in a periodical in Tamil/Hindi titled “Marma Yogi” – Kamal is doing so many things himself – that in ITSELF IS A SURE RECIPE FOR DISASTER (Ultimately he will end up as the only viewer also). If ARR also joins him, they will together burn a big hole in the pockets of the hapless Gemini Films Circuit or whoever it is who is going to be the co-producer.

    Puliya paathu poonai soodu pottukka poguthu.

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  7. U r too good man.. u shd quit IT and join something like Rediff or something. You write better reviews than the reviewers in there.. Hats of to you.

    You have an alternate career path.. Anyways its recession time:)

  8. Great Review!

    Reminds me that I should download the song and listen to it.. Probably a good refreshing music after all the CRAP you hear all the time..

    Btw.. when you go to watch the movie, make sure that you remind yourself that it is just a movie, not a movie that tells the history. b/c the movie skewed the history…

    Keep up with your good work on the blog !

    Btw.. Also, work sometimes.. you have to pay your bills 😉

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  11. I saw the heading and the “my view” part caught my attention.
    Ferrari has effectively blocked all the ARR-bashing trash comments from various “paer solla virumbaatha” anons.

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