chinna pasanga naanga

He and She are at the beach. Not at day time, but in evening. She is not covering her face by dupatta, nor is he covering his face with helmet. They are legally engaged.

They are close to the shore

He: Hey how is my new hair style?
At that moment, a kid throws a baloon at she
She: So cute
He: Thanks
She: Naan unnai sollalai. Andha kozhandhaye sonnen
He: Oh!
She: Paaren. He must be hardly 2 years old. Enna active.
He: Hmmm
She: You know what. I want to have a boy child. Enakku annavum illai thambiyum illai
He: Adhuvum illama unakku pasanganna romba pidikkum
She: Hello?
He: Illai illai kozhandhaya sonnen
She: Hmmm. Andha kutti payyan kooda unnai madhiri dhaan irukkaan
He: Thanks.
She: Ippo edhuku thanks. Neeyum andha payyan madhiri immature sonnen. Ha ha
He: !!!!!
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She: Enna pechaye kaaNom?
He: Can’t help it. I still retain some innocence from my childhood. Un kitta adhu illai. So you see it as immaturity 🙂
She: !!!!

36 thoughts on “chinna pasanga naanga

  1. Hai he-she enna alakanum konjam adikadi thalaya kamichitu pona nanna irukum oru post padikrathukosaram 1 month wait panavendiruku atlst try to post once in 15 days. this post not much intrested as like before ok. not too good

  2. She: Hmmm. Andha kutti payyan kooda unnai madhiri dhaan irukkaan

    Idhai partha kudumabathula kuzhapam undaakura statement madhiriye iruke!! :D…

  3. finally a he/she…

    I love how you say they are legally engaged. Lol…

    and the retaining some innocence from my childhood is great. 🙂

  4. Ferrari,

    Nanna ezhudarel pongo indha He-She series!!! kalakareenga.. I read all your earlier He-She interesting.. Ending is always good…particularly andha bulb[;)]..Go Ahead!!

  5. I have a doubt.Ellarum enna solli vecha mathiri, kalakkureenga, pinreenga, nice, good-inthaiye maathi maathi sollirkanga. oru velai Neengale vevvera perla intha comments anuppikareengala? coz I dont see the article that much interesting. kaddi!!

  6. bharathy and sri,
    I have better things to do in life rather than posting comments using different names. There are hundred ways to prove it but I wont 🙂

  7. Oh no i meant in saying that this was not the usual interesting HE-SHE . its not as good as its meant to be. thats it . [:)] chill ferro…

  8. romba experince la ipadi pesarelo??? Anda “he” pullayaandan nannave bulb vaangaraan…Anda “she” ponnum paavam!!!Ipdi padutharele rendu perayum!!! I would actually be sorry for these ppl if they were true…

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