Machi and Machinichi Statistics

Today evening while watching Thalaivars Vettayadu VeLayadu I observed this.

Actual Movie Duration – 2 hrs 37 minutes
Movie Duration in Sun TV -4 hrs 9 minutes
Advertisements – 40 minutes.
News* – 42 minutes

Movie was between 6.03-6.17, 6.24-6.41, 6.48-7.05, 7.11-7.26, 8.00-8.18, 8.25-8.40, 8.46-9.06, 9.13-9.26, 9.32 to 9.43, 9.49-10.02 and 10.08-10.12

Advertisements were between 6.18-6.23, 6.42-6.47,7.06-7.10,8.19-8.24,8.41-8.45,9.07-9.12,9.27-9.31,9.44-9.48,10.03-10.07

On an average, an advertisement lasted 20 seconds. So totally, we had to endure close to 144 advertisements (Not different advertisements)

The advertisement break can be split into two parts

1. Generic advertisements
2. Adverstiments of sponsors, who sponsored for the movie telecast. E.g. Castrol.

So, on every advertisment break you get to watch general advertisement for first 2 minutes and then the advertisements of the sponsors. Finally, just 1 minute before movie resumes Castrol Active’s ad was shown, followed by other advertisements for a minute.

Every time the movie resumes, it starts some 10 seconds before when it actually stopped. Continuity?

*-I didnt calculate the actual news duration and the advertisment duration during the news break. All times in P.M., IST.

31 thoughts on “Machi and Machinichi Statistics

  1. Did u calculate this? great, what about RAJ TV movies, will go on for days, starts in day and ends in another day..

    Anyway we have lot of breaks for the movie, so that we can have detailed chat with “others” in that time…

  2. Observation after reading this Observations post:
    – Ferrari seems to have a lot of spare time(which client are you working for, bud?) πŸ™‚

    Like Manju said, this would’ve been great if you had narrated it Gaptun(as in Ramana) style.

  3. Im lucky, I saw the movie in Singapore but there werent any advertisement breaks. In fact the whole movie got over in 40 mins as all murder scenes were censored.

  4. I think your Thalaivar’s movie must have bored you sooooo much that you started spending time in counting the ads. and their duration.

  5. Even i saw that.. and was sooo damn pissed off…. Too much a installment la paakavechuttan… NO thrill of watching a kamal movie…

  6. Some patience you harbour! Attempted to make a note of all the ads during one movie and got tired after just 16 ads. I fail to understand what makes ppl watch movies on TV when it’s so much easier to buy a DVD.
    And the thing that irks the most is ‘India thozhaikaatchigazhil mudhal muraiyaaga….thiraikku vanthu sila maathangale aana….’ Total torture!

  7. Dilip, That “Chinese torture” has been spontaneuously sought after by billions all over the globe just for one man. So much for the so-called “torture” you are referring to.

  8. Ferrari, all fine except that the breakup you gave adds up to 3 hrs 59 minutes. Other 10 minutes? Bathroom break for you? πŸ™‚

  9. Dont worry. New technologies are coming to save all of us from such problems. TiVo/DVRs are so useful that I love them. Whenever I see a program now, I watch it 15 mins later so that I can fastforward all the commercials. Now I cannot watch a TV program without that..

  10. yes that is true and it takes almost half of a day to watch a movie. If you compare you spend of half of days work time to watch a movie. If movie is good then you do not realize that four stretch. Same like, one does not realize 8 hrs on a busy day.
    Nothing is wasted, the channel guys should see it. However, they can not do anything about it because even they have to make money, yallaru ki kaas venu.

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