Kaadhalil Vizhundhen

Fold lungi
Bite tongue

Have you listened to the song ‘Naaka Mukka’? Long since I heard such a dappankuthu song. God knows what laari sonaa or naaka mukka mean?

Thanks to Vishy for the song.

BTW, I have been observing that off late lots of intro songs have the word ‘da’. Yaara paathu da solraanga indha heroes ellam? Why only ‘da’? Why not di? Am not referring to XY chromosome calling XX chromosome ‘di’. I am talking about same sex ‘da di’. Guess it was all started by the great man with dhaadi ‘vaada en machi vazhakkai bajji’. I protest this sexist attitude. Its very bad. I hereby demand that Kolangal title track be changed, and Devayani sing using ‘di’ ‘di’ ‘di’.

P.S. Naaka Mukka song is from the movie, Kaadhalil Vizhundhen.

7 thoughts on “Kaadhalil Vizhundhen

  1. @cowey:
    there is a wee bit of a semblance between this and dhagala lagli.. for a couple of notes.. but that is that, i feel.. Naaku Mukka has its own TamilNaattu spirit 😀

    BTW, happy cow-pongal, cowey 😛

  2. Hey guys,

    Even i listened the Dhagala lagli song. The song was good but i don beleive naka mukka was taken from that. It has his own tamil style.

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