Cleavage post

1. Jodha Akbar music gets released.
2. Lots of celebrities attend the show.
3. All 5 songs from the movie are played to the audience.

This is what happened in Mumbai, yesterday. Now what do you expect when you read a report on this function? About the movie? Its music? No.

This is what TOI says.
“Sonu Niigaam seemed to make up for the well-covered event by his cleavage show as he strutted around in a body-hugging tee.”

13 thoughts on “Cleavage post

  1. Thats a totally absurd post from TOI…I didnt understand whats the purpose of these kind of adv they are showing…
    God only can save us…

  2. Considering how crazy the media has become these days, shouldn’t you have written a post about the report only if they had written about the movie and the music? 😉

  3. you should read BangaloreTimes then..
    that Ruby chakravarthy & Vani Ganapathy pics are comings every day..holding some wine glass with a lousy smile.. only they are born in this country? we are born waste? 😀

  4. Surprised!! , I thought you would post something useful like ” Tata Nano” but you write a post about Cleveage from TOI!!

    Enna kodumai prabhu idhu !! 🙂

  5. நாடு உருப்பட்ட மாதிரி தான் !

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