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Watching videos on N95 is real fun. Thanks to this site, one can actually download youtube videos in the 3GP or AVI format for their mobile phones. In this way, you can have your own personal oliyum oliyum. It really helps when you are traveling and have some 2 or 3 hours in the middle, when you dont know what to do. Check out Vixy. Its good. Oh yeah, you can also download just the audio from the youtube link in mp3 format.

I was actually waiting for Star Plus to telecast the Delhi concert, to write a post on it. Looks like it might take some more time! Anyways, here are some observations from the concert.

*One of the best concerts I attended. The stage looked good exept for the sleazy background videos whenever some romantic song was being sung. Very colorful. And thankfully, no rain!
*Not just ARR, but his family and close associates are extremely humble.
*ARR recognized me. He was playing keyboard, during rehearsals, and I was standing behind him in the stage and watching. He waved a hi and smiled 😀
*I was standing for close to 2 hours just watching him play keyboard. One of the best moments for ARR fan 🙂 You should see him concentrate, closing his eyes and tapping his foot while his fingers do all the magic.
*During the concert I was standing next to Krishnan Chetan(Ponmagal vandhaaL).
*Jodha Akbar song was mesemerizing. And the way ARR transformed it to Veerapandi Koattayile was brilliant.
*In this concert, right from the word ARR was at his peak form. I remember, in Bangalore, he was out of form for the first few songs.

This is my favorite video of all ARR songs picturised till now.

Here are some of my other favorite ARR videos (Youtube videos). I like all of them, not in any preferred order.

Pachai Nirame – Alaipayuthey. Video link
Snehidhane – Alaipayuthey – Video link
Dol Dol – Ayutha Ezhuthu – Video link
Oru deivam thandha poove- Kannathil Muthamittaal – Video link
Minnale – Maymaadham – Video link
Roobaroo – Rang De Basanti – Video link
Pudhu Vellai mazhai – Roja – Video link
Oh vennila – Kadhal desam – Video link
Shakalaka Baby – Mudhalvan – Video link
Chandralekha – Thiruda Thiruda – Video link
Thirakaadha kaatukulle – En Swaasa Kaatre – Video link
Nahin Saamne – Taal – Video link
Dilse re – Dilse – Video link
Pukar – Kismat se tum – Video link
What are your favorite videos? Please get me the links if they are not there in this list 🙂

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  1. Vaa Vaa Anbe anbe-Agni Nakshathiram:

    Thoongatha Vizhigal rendu–Agni Nakshathiram:

    Halla Gulla-Bombay:

    Aarirathil Naan Oruvan-Iruvar:

    Kya Karen Kya na karen-Rangeela:

    Khamoshiyaan Gungunane Lagi-One 2 Ka 4:

    Oh Vennila-Kadhal Desam:

    Pachai Kiligal-Indian:

    Vidiya Vidiya Nadanam santhosham-Idhayathai Thirudathey:

    Dole Dole-Pokiri (Telugu):

  2. theres a lot of converting software out there but its the live streaming that gets me! well, with a mobile gprs and vodafone’s services to thank that doesn’t add much either!

  3. vixy server seems to be slow these days…
    i have been using it more than a year by now…
    the only site that provides direct conversion into mp4/avi…

    vixy rocks…


  4. This concert has already been shown on a regional channel of Star. I think in last December.. Believe me, concert rocked, but the recording from Star is pathetic. Not worth mentioning! Youtube recordings are way better!

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