Machi Prediction & Suggestion

If a person is closely following Indian cricket, then that person will be frustrated to the core today. Better stay away and do not bug them 😀 Get them Thillu mullu or Michael Madana Kamarajan VCD so that they get back to normal.

If anyone wants to know how to scold someone using Madras tamil, please mention the name Bucknor to any tamilian who follows cricket 😉

Om shanti shanti shanti!

11 thoughts on “Machi Prediction & Suggestion

  1. You need a crash course in ‘How to be swanky!’. Just taking regular potshots at cricket and its fans don’t make you one. Nor does following Football, and Formula 1.

    What if there’s another blog — a non-fan that tells Football and formula 1 fans what to do! Thank god there’s none because most bloggers are sensible and understand the simple truth that preferences could be diverse.

    I request you to watch MMKR and Thillu Mullu when someone says Schumi a cheat for Austria and Indianapolis 2002.

    Just because you wear ‘Jatti’ do not mock at someone wearing ‘Komanam’.

  2. LOL! Picture this – frantically switching news channels where everyone from bhajji’s mom to his cat are giving interviews… And then romba neram aazhndha sindhanai.. then our of the blue “i dont understand how calling someone a monkey becomes a racist comment”… I have been witnessing this whole scenario for the past 24 hrs or so, a few hundred times! ellam enga veetu karar thaan!!!:D

    I am a cricket fan too, but this is a 22 much!

  3. As Nithya says, all the news channells have gone mad in the last 24 hours or so, on the after-effects of Sydney Test & Bhajji’s ban. Full of cacophony in whichever channell you switch to. No objective analysis at all. All of them are talking in highly emotional tones & it was simply insane.

    I felt like browsing the web/blogs whenever an audio of ARR is released & people go mad in eulogising it shamelessly without an iota of objectivity. Even ARR will feel embarassed if only he has the time to read them.

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