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Lavanya tagged me. The tag goes like this ‘All you have to do is select and upload one photo that you have clicked this year that is special to you. Could be anything…aesthetic, technical or personal. Also, put in a short note why it is special’

I took this photo today at Chandrachoodeshwarar temple, Hosur. 2007 for me, has been like this. Colorful, calm, bright and a little bit dirty. I never knew I can lead such a peaceful uneventful life 😀 Hope 2008 is same, if not better 😉

Wish you all a very happy new year.

P.S. I tag Guru, Sowmya, Bala, and Vishy.

17 thoughts on “A tag

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  2. thaleeva,

    puthaandu vaalthukkal!!!

    karuppu paathi
    vellai meethi
    ena kalanthu
    seitha kalavai aandu 2007!!

    ena sollamal sonnatharkku nanri!!!

    vaazhga valamudan,

  3. Am flyin in air, almost literally 🙂 thnks boss.. yedho yennaala mudinjadha senjirukken, as a response..

    BTW the richness of color in the image is great!! Wish I could control my cam like that!!! The red, blue and mud-brown look just as how they SHOULD look.. great work!!

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