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  1. I don’t find anything wrong in that article to make Dravid feel embarassed.

    Dravid has been asked to open to accommodate Yuvraj in the middle order. Being asked to open has only accentuated the pressure Dravid is already under due to his poor form this year. Already with below par (on his own standards) performances in the tests during this year, Dravid tried to maximise his “stay” at the wicket & accumulate runs in Melbourne which has only complicated the matter not only for him but also for others down the line. In order to accommodate a middle order batsman who is supposedly in top form, a top class player who is himself under some sort of pressure due to his poor form, is asked to bat in the important opening position against the top-calss Test Team in the world and he failed miserably. In fact, I thought the same way today morning after watching the way Dravid played & failed ultimately. Already there is a comment in the article asking Dravid to be dropped.

    No harm in you having personal likes (ARR) & dislikes (Cricket & Cricinfo) but being fair while appreciating/ criticising will definitely go to enhance the credibility factor of your posts.

    I am a regular visitor to your blog & I am one with you on many of your posts (like Gujarat, psuedo-secular media, Karan Johars) & also posted comments occassionally.

    Pl keep up the good work.

  2. Arunachalam,
    I am not talking about Dravid here. I am talking about the blatant bias of Cricinfo, the same people who made fun of Sourav when he was going through a lean patch. If it is anyone else, I dont think Cricinfo would be so leniant and go out of the way to defend someone.

    Thanks for reading, and ofcourse for the feedback 🙂

  3. Ferrari,

    “If it is anyone else, I dont think Cricinfo would be so leniant and go out of the way to defend someone.”

    Why do you think Cricinfo is so lenient for Dravid., what they gain from it ?

  4. More than all these, if a dravid is a great batsman, he should start to score fluently, rotate stirkes with ease. It is a regular pattern for him to duck into well so deep. I think his quality of batting gone down in the last 3-4 years against quality bowling attack.

  5. I am not talking about Dravid here. I am talking about the blatant bias of Cricinfo, the same people who made fun of Sourav when he was going through a lean patch. If it is anyone else, I dont think Cricinfo would be so leniant and go out of the way to defend someone.
    Sidhartha Vaidhyanathan and Anand Vasu are die-hard Dravid and Greg Chappel jalras. Look out for the “going out of the way” approach of the author to justify even his falied causes.
    adhavadhu, Dravid ippo adikkala, aana idhukku munnaadi pala thadava adichirukkaaru and avarukku neraya bongu decision vera – enna oru manipulation da saami. This line of justification can be given for SRT and SG any day. aana vittaangala ivanga? They ripped’em apart at the drop of a hat. In the recent past these two jokers have been rather subdued. Rather, forced to be by SRT and SG. On the contrary, i couldnt find any article criticizing Dravid during the same period. vaazhga cricinfo-vin sevai.

    P.S: Like Ferrari said, its not about Dravid. I agree that the decision to make him open just to accommodate chella pillai Yuvraj Singh sucks!

  6. Dravid, always being a team man, has agreed to open against the mighty attack of Australia in Australia in order to accommodate another player in the middle order, in spite of his own poor form. Dravid’s action helps the team cause even during his poor form. There is no need for anyone to criticise Dravid, as yet.

    On the contrary, Ganguly underwent a worst form crisis during 2004 till end 2006. All his scores post Indo-Pak series in 2004 will prove this. Gangulay scored a century against a decent opposition after a gap of 4 years in Kolkata recently against Pak since his century against the Aussies in Brisbane in 2003. I’m not taking into account his century against Zimbabwe in 2005.

    Moreover, when Ganguly was undergoing a far worser form crunch, he never helped any other team memeber nor the team’s cause. On the contrary, he wanted the team to bear his cross by accommodating himself in the team and as captain. But for a no-nonsense coach as Greg Chappell, he would have got away with his actions.

    So, why Cricinfo, every other mag worth its salt criticised Ganguly & also the selectors for not dropping him. Where is the bias coming into this? Cricinfo definitely criticises based on solid statistics & so far, I haven’t found any bias in their articles and definitely not against Ganguly.

    BTW, you pride yourself as one against cricket & even criticise die-hard cricket fans. But, you seem not to miss anything on cricket & cricinfo & are uptodate on cricket matters. I wonder what will happen if only you start admiring the sport.

  7. Bala&others,
    I don’t go thro’ Cricinfo articles but where is the pro-Dravid bias in this one?It’s matter of fact&honest.

    Don’t you think SRT&SG have had more liberty than Dravid?It took a long time for the public&media to start clamouring for their head but it happens to Dravid all the time.

    He’s pushed around,criticised at the drop of the hat&generally made a scape goat.So much for being a team man,huh!

  8. Guys,
    I am not talking about Dravid here. Just a matter of time before he hits a double ton 🙂 It will take lots of time for me to dig archives of Cricinfo. But please do check greatbong.net. He has a separate section for cricinfo 🙂 They miht be good in live scores, statistics etc. But when it comes to analysis, bulletin they are biased.

  9. thanks ba,
    unmaiya sonnadhukku!!
    anyways,i felt dravid has always struggled against Australia and he only flourished against them in the last series, in the absence of Mcgrath & Warne;he did admit that these 2 are the best bowlers he’s faced; if you leave aside that rare kolkatta partnership with laxman..
    again thanks ba oru media darling pathi contrary perspective dhairiyima polandhu kattite
    keep rocking
    regular visitor

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