This news is real.
Two members of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) suicide squad, who apparently wanted to target Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, were on Sunday killed in an encounter with Special Task Force (STF) of state police at Dewa road on Lucknow-Barabanki border.

Now lets replace the leader and the group who tried to kill the leader(?). Replace Mayawati with Narendra Modi. And read the same news item 😉 What will happen?

Lets come down south. Replace leader with JJ and the group with LTTE. What will happen? MK will write a poem 🙂

Finally, replace Mayawati with Sonia or Rahul. Terrorism will be resolved in India once and for all.

BTW, where is Arundhati Roy? Why is she not talking about the human rights of the LeT group?

9 thoughts on “Replacement

  1. hi prabhu,
    the answer for ur first question.
    replacing mayawati will modi-
    answer: Gujarat will burn with the dead bodies of innocent muslims. women will be raped and their children will be burnt alive.
    yenna answer correcta? recently an unknown small time VHP leader “saraswati” age 75 was attacked by some unidentified miscreants ( no LeT or huji) . you know what happened?
    12 churches burnt on christmas eve, houses and shops ransacked ,1 guy killed and the worst there was a bandh for 48 hrs on christmas.
    God save our country, modi should not be killed and we don’t want to witness another communal riot.

    Remember Hitler was much popular than modi and the entire germany stood behind him during world war. That doesn’t mean he’s god.

    I’ve been a fan for your blog and i enjoy reading your reviews and other posts anbutd now i’m shocked to see your blogs with sensitive issues. Please try avoid them.

    your friend

  2. hmmm…
    idhu ellame veli naatu sadhi…
    i blame the baakistaani deeviravaadhigal…
    call the captain!

    speaking of which, he is a leader too… what happens if we take this replacement?!!!

  3. yeah prabhu may be you’re right. we need to look at both sides of the coin to know its value, for that we need to identify a person by his deeds and not by his religion.
    Like ‘markiv’ said all the terrorist organizations like LeT are from pakistan or afghanistan and their motive is to divide us. Please don’t fall in line. I know in the name of minority appeasement the present government is embarrassing us and BJP is waiting for some terrorist strike to happen to divide the people, never trust politicians.
    check this blog this shows what an Indian Muslim like me thinks about terrorism.
    let’s spread goodwill

  4. thanks prabhu i love to hear that from you. but unfortunately modi had made muslims as untouchables in gujarat. ok anyhow we had some healthy arguments let’s end it here.

    your friend

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